NTPC Talcher Kaniha finalizes two alternate sources to meet its Coal supply

Kaniha: NTPC Talcher Kaniha, the country’s second largest power station is strategically moving ahead with long term fuel security plan to fulfill its coal requirement for the 3000 MW coal station.

The Station has a Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA) with Coal India Limited subsidiaries, MCL and ECL as a long term coal plan. In addition, in order to ease the operation of the Station caused due to coal crisis and inadequate coal supply and incurred generation loss, NTPC Talcher Kaniha is taking strategic steps.

The Station has now successfully finalized two alternate sources of coal for the plant. To fulfill this initiative, Talcher Kaniha has started coal lifting from Bhubaneswari and Dulanga mines from December 30, 2019. Coal from Bhubaneswari mines will be transported to the newly constructed Lingaraj-3 Siding which is dedicated to NTPC from where transportation through rake will be made to NTPC Kaniha. In addition, NTPC’s own coal block, Dulanga mines will supply coal to Talcher Kaniha through road cum rail mode in a sustainable manner. Both coal sources are a boon to the Kaniha Station in improving the plant generation and ensuring uninterrupted efficient power supply to its esteemed stakeholders.

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