No case of bird flu case in Punjab at the moment: Vijay Kumar Janjuya

Chandigarh: Additional Chief Secretary, Mr. VK Janjua has informed that no case of bird flu have come to light since February 19, 2021 in Punjab. Keeping in view of this, the department has decided to conduct COVID sample testing here instead of bird flu testing.

Speaking about the bird flu sampling, he informed that total 15,888 samples have been collected from different districts from January 08, 2021 to February 18, 2021. After testing these samples, only samples of 4 places were found positive of bird flu.

To further expand the COVID sample testing, Punjab Government has decided to start Covid-19 samples testing from March 1, 2021 at National Regional Research Diagnostic Laboratory, (NRDDL) Jalandhar.

Informing about the decision, ACS Mr. VK Janjua said that all the preparations have been completed for the testing at NRDDL, Jalandhar. Apprising about the capacity of the Lab, he said that 1000 samples would be tested daily at this institute.

Mr. Janjua said a mutant or strain of COVID-19 Virus has emerged in India. Due to this, the Punjab Government has decided to increase the testing sites of COVID-19 so that large number of samples can be tested in the shortest time span.


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