Nanomedicine: Biomolecules for Human Health (NBHH-2021)Small Molecules, Big Opportunities!!

New Delhi : Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi recently organized an international conference via Virtual Platform on “Nanomedicine: Biomolecules for Human Health, Small Molecules: Big opportunities!”(NBHH-2021). It was jointly organized by Department of Botany and Zoology under the aegis of DBT Star College Scheme.

The inaugural session was graced by the Chief Guest, our honorable Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, Prof P.C. Joshiand Principal, Prof Vibha S. Chauhan, who gave the welcome address. The appraisal of the conference, its theme, objectives and the post conference workshop on Nanomedicine was discussed by Convenor and Program Coordinator of DBT Star College Scheme, Prof. Anita Kamra Verma. The conference co-convener Dr. Renu Kathpalia invited Prof. P.C. Joshi to formally inaugurate the conference. At the onset, Prof. Joshi congratulated the organizing committee for conceptualizing such a relevant theme of the international conference and assembling such eminent National and International speakers.He also congratulated the college for establishing itself as Star college and getting grade “A” NAAC Accreditation. Prof Joshi acknowledged the fact that the organizing committee was taking full advantages of the available resources from the presentations at the Conference, full length manuscripts are to be published in the CSIR journal “Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics” with impact factor of 1.95. He also emphasized the concept of ‘Nano’ or ‘Parmanu – a tiny molecule or building block’ given by Maharshi Karnad.

The inaugural session was followed by the Plenary Session I- Radiation Nanomedicine/Nanovaccines, wherein Prof. V. S. Chauhan, Arturo Falaschi Emeritus Scientist, ICGEB gave adelivered a very lucid and insightful talk on “Vaccine Platforms: Delivery and Role of Nanotechnology”. He discussed the different types of vaccines and its components and emphasised the role of formulation of nanostructures as a vehicle to deliver the vaccine. He explained about the nucleic acid based vaccine-DNA and RNA,and about the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery system andpeptide-based vaccines for Malaria.

Prof. Sunil Krishnan, spoke on “Radiation Therapy and Radio-diagnostics as Nanomedicine” elaborating the role of amalgamated gold nanoparticles and irradiation therapy for effectively treating pancreatic and hepatobiliary tumors. He further supported these findings with Monte-Carlo computational modelling and simulations.Dr. A.K. Mishra, DG, INMAS, spoke on “Radionuclides are Nano and Beyond: Application in Human Health”, Day 2 was set off with elan by our distinguished speaker Prof. Tymish Y. Ochulchanskyy presently at Shenzhen University, China enlightened the audience about “Merging Nanotechnology and Biophotonicsfor Imaging Guided Photo induced Therapy or Cancer”.

This conference particularly encouraged the interaction of research students and developing academics with the more established academic community in an informal setting to present and to discuss new and current work.

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