Ministry of Defence approves procurement of 26 defence items only from local suppliers to boost ‘Make in India’

New Delhi: Government has issued Public Procurement (Preference to “Make in India’) Order 2017 vide Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Notification No.P-45021/2/2017-B.E.-II dated 15.06.2017 (as amended on 29/05/2019) to encourage ‘Make in India’ and to promote manufacturing and production of goods and services in India.

Under this order, Department of Defence Production (DDP), Ministry of Defence has so far notified 127 items where purchase preference is given to local suppliers as per PPP-MII 2017. In order to further encourage procurement from local suppliers, 26 items out of 127 already notified, have now been notified under clause 3(a) of the Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order 2017 and henceforth, procuring entities shall procure these items only from local suppliers, irrespective of purchase value, provided that the local suppliers meet the Minimum Local Content (MLC) as prescribed for each item.

List of items is as follows:

Sl. No. Items Minimum Local Content
Items used in Shipbuilding Industry
Helo Landing Grid 60%
Doors (Water tight & Weather tight) 60%
Gemini Inflatable Boat 60%
Oil Pumps 50%
Battery Loading Trolley 50%
Sacrificial Zinc Anode Flanges 50%
Fibre Glass Cloth –E Grade 50%
High temperature Gasket 50%
Other items used in defence manufacturing  Industry
6mm to 100mm thickness Weldox Plate 50%
6mm to 100mm thickness Hardox Plate 50%
Electric Motor (474175410130) 40%
Cable Assemblies (486872360154,486872400506, 487072020686,487072021268,487072130102) 40%
MASS -R118)( 455611150102) 40%
MODULATOR (212362440179) 40%
Dual Switched Amplifier (455610540360) 40%
Belleville Springs No. 2A46M 109-55 50%
Sealing Ring 008-012-25 GCF TM-589C 50%
Sealing Ring 012-016-25 GCF TM-589C 50%
Sealing Ring 030-038-46 GCF TM-589C 50%
Sealing Ring 038-046-46 GCF TM-589C 50%
Sealing Ring 046-048-46 GCF TM-589C 50%
Sealing Ring 048-056-46 GCF TM-589C 50%
Sealing Ring 060-070-58 GCF TM-589C 50%
Sealing Ring 065-075-58 GCF TM-589C 50%
Sealing Ring 085-095-58 GCF TM- 50%
Sealing Ring 100-110-58 GCF TM-589C 50%

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