Madhya Pradesh : Voters who do not have access to booth will vote through remote voting machine

Voters will soon be able to cast their vote through Remote Voting Machine (RVM). However, this facility will be available to those voters who have moved to another place due to education, employment or any other reason and cannot reach the polling station of their native residence for voting. The Election Commission of India has started preparations to provide voting facility to such voters through remote voting machines.

The main objective of the Election Commission of India is to ensure that no voter is deprived of voting. Arrangements are being made to provide voting facility to all those voters who are residing in any state, city or district of the country and who are not able to reach the booth to vote in their area to vote from RVM.

Chief Electoral Officer, Madhya Pradesh Shri Anupam Rajan told that if a voter goes to another state due to education, employment and any other reason and is unable to reach his area on the day of polling, then he can be provided the facility of voting through remote electronic voting machine by the Election Commission soon.

Specialty of remote electronic voting machine

The biggest feature of Remote Electronic Voting Machine is that it is an advanced version of EVM. It is as secure as EVM and is a non networking system.

List of candidates of 72 assembly constituencies will be in one machine

A remote electronic voting machine will have a list of candidates for 72 assembly constituencies. In this, voters of different constituencies will be able to vote from the same RVM machine. Voters who reach to vote will have to tell their booth number and the name of the assembly constituency.

Voters will have to apply for remote voting

A voter residing in any state of the country must first apply to the Returning Officer of his home area to cast his vote through remote voting machine. This application can be done online and offline. After the application is received, the voter will be verified by the Returning Officer of the home area. Only after this process, he will be given the facility to vote with remote voting machine.

Commission invites political parties to demonstrate working of remote EVMs

The working of Remote Voting Machine (RVM) will be demonstrated in front of political parties. For this, the Election Commission of India has invited all the 8 recognized national and 57 state parties of the country on January 16, 2023 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. Members of the Technical Expert Committee of the Commission will also be present while giving information about the remote EVM functioning.

Suggestions sought from political parties

The Commission has also sought suggestions from recognized political parties on various matters related to changes in legal and administrative procedures, method of voting for domestic migrant voters, RVM technology. Political parties will be able to give their suggestions till January 31, 2023.

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