Madhya Pradesh to begin with Indore Metro work

Bhopal: Water Resources Fishermen Welfare and Fisheries Development Minister Shri Tulsiram Silawat met Urban Administration Minister Bhupendra Singh in Bhopal and discussed about the Indore Metro project. Minister Shri Bhupendra Singh informed that all the necessary works have been tendered and all the works will be started after 15th August. Tender is being done for drawing and construction of station, underground station, elevated station, depot, power line transmission, and connectivity station.

Water Resources Minister Mr. Silawat said that work is pending in Indore Metro project. Set deadlines for all tasks. Urban Administration Minister Shri Singh informed that the work of Mumtaz Bagh Yellow Line from Gandhinagar will start and will be completed by December 2023. Instructions have been given to complete the work of railway station from Mumtaz Bagh by April 2024, along with the work of metro from Gandhinagar to railway station will be completed by May 2025.

Minister Shri Silavat said that in the first phase of the Metro project, a metro track of 31 km length is under construction in Indore Metro Project. In which the elevated metro track of more than 24 km length and the underground railway metro track of 7.48 km length is to be built at a cost of 7500 crores. In which the financial burden is to come in the ratio of 50: 50 between the Central Government and the State Government. About 440 crore works are proposed to be done on PPP mode. 30 locations have been identified for the metro station.

In the first phase, the Yellow Line is to be constructed with a length of 31.54 km, in which Gandhinagar to Super Corridor, Bhorasala Square, Radisson Square, Mumtaz Bagh Colony to Railway Station and from the station to Gandhinagar Metro train work will start at a fast pace. Space has been reserved for Metro depot in Gandhinagar, the work of which will also be started soon.

Urban Administration Minister Bhupendra Singh said that the design contracts for the stock depot have been signed for the design consultancy service of power receiving and food distribution distribution at a cost of Rs 5.99 crore. Contracts have also been signed for Geotechnical Investing Study for underground stations, tunnels, depots of Metro, work is also being done for power line modification and displacement at a cost of 50 crores.

Minister Shri Singh informed that work is being started at a fast pace to complete the Yellow Line of Indore Metro at the earliest. Tenders have been done in February 20 for the design construction of seven elevated metro rail stations at a cost of 421 crores. Similarly, a tender of 1000 crores for design of interface location and depot connectivity and 9 elevated stations has been floated in March. The contract process is in progress. After August 15, work will be started at a fast pace at all the work sites.

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