Madhya Pradesh govt. addresses to break the infection chain of corona

Bhopal: During the times of pandemic, physical distancing was the main basis for breaking the chain of infection not only in the state but also in the country, and then the work of breaking the chain of infection of corona epidemic was successfully accomplished through dialogue in Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan made communication with all sections of people a major weapon to break the chain of corona infection with effective messages like Do Gaj ki Doori- Mask hai Zaroori, Mask Nahi- to Samaan Nahi, Mera Mask- Meri Suraksha.

It is also true that whether it is the head of the family or the head of the state, he can inspire others through his conduct. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has proved himself on this criterion as well. There is hardly any section of the society that was left untouched by Chief Minister Shri Chouhan. First of all, he gave this message to the people of the state through Swasthya Agrah that, along with the administration, the role of the general public is also important to prevent corona infection. In this sequence, he went to different areas of the city to make the public aware and told them about the measures to prevent corona infection by holding direct dialogue. Using modern technology of communication, he organised virtual programmes through video conferencing and social media and maintained the sequence of communication with most of the sections.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan started the series of dialogues from the month of April with MPs, MLAs, Mayors, Presidents and Corporators in urban areas, public representatives of District Panchayats, Janpad Panchayats and Gram Panchayats in rural areas, doctors, paramedical staff, women self-help group members, religious leaders, eminent citizens of the society, traders, urban and rural street vendors, farmer brothers, beneficiaries of Sambal Yojana, tendu patta collectors, women of special backward tribes Saharia, Baiga and Bharia, district, tehsil and village level groups of Crisis Management, district coordinators of MP Jan-Abhiyan Parishad and field staff and the workers who voluntarily became Corona Volunteers and had effective and inspiring dialogue with them to break the chain of infection

The merit of this campaign of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was also that he not only made people aware of the dangers of the second wave of corona during the dialogue, but as a vigilant guardian and an elder of the family he also inspired them to prevent the epidemic. In this way he did not scare people with the epidemic. He not only prepared the people for protecting them but also explained the methods of protection to them in their own language. The result of this was that the government was successful in controlling the second wave of corona in Madhya Pradesh much earlier than expected. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan not only postponed his political programmes but also did most of the administrative exercises virtually.

In this way, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has been successful in motivating the people of the state, especially the people of government-administration and different sections of the society, to follow the covid appropriate behaviour by giving prominence to working virtually.

The entire period of April and May 2021 is a witness to the fact that all the administrative work in the state continued unhindered with limited staff. In place of total lockdown, a new and effective system like corona curfew remained in force in Madhya Pradesh. The bright aspect of this system was that this curfew was not imposed by the government but was spontaneously imposed by people with self-motivation. This is the reason that the corona curfew was more useful and effective in the battle against the epidemic than the lockdown. The corona curfew also gave people a chance to play their part in the state’s fight against the pandemic. Crisis Management Committees formed in the State, districts, villages and at the ward level in small towns and the role played by them in controlling the second wave of Corona will be an example for the society for many years to come.

The public-participation strategy of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has played an important role in eliminating corona infection from Madhya Pradesh. The way people ensured their participation in breaking the chain of corona infection in urban and rural areas remained in the headlines all over the country. Even many states have adopted it and the central government has also appreciated it.

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