Madhya Pradesh CM planted a plant of Harr in village Dhapada.

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan planted a plant of Harr in the Bori Resort premises during his stay today. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has been planting saplings regularly every day since the announcement of planting saplings every day. In this sequence, he planted saplings during his stay in Hoshangabad division today.

Herr tree is very useful medicinally. Its fruit, bark and gum are used as medicine in asthma, stone, eye and heart diseases. The ripe fruit is used as an expectorant and tonic, as well as for cold sores and chronic ulcers, cough, asthma and urinary disorders.

Triphala is made from the use of Harr, which is used for stomach ailments. A paste of its root is made and applied in the eyes. In tribal areas, people chew its unroasted fruits in cough and the juice of the bark of its stem is given to cure stomachache.

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