Madhya Pradesh CM advises to be vigilant about possible third wave of Corona

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that it is necessary to stay fully alert and vigilant towards the possible third wave of Corona. The slightest carelessness in this can invite corona infection again. We have to avoid such a situation. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that even before the third wave, the State Government is rapidly expanding health facilities and building medical infrastructure. Especially oxygen plants are being set up to ensure availability of oxygen along with increasing number of ICU beds in hospitals. Our effort is that the hardship and the struggle for oxygen that was faced during the second wave, the similar situation should not arise again.

Effective Action Plan for Oxygen Supply

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that under the action plan prepared for supply of oxygen in all the districts of the state, oxygen plants have been started in many districts. In this work, along with the administration, national level companies and social workers of the state have contributed a lot. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the campaign which has been started to make Madhya Pradesh Aatma-Nirbhar sufficient in terms of oxygen production will be continued uninterrupted. It will be our endeavour that the availability of oxygen for the treatment of patients in all hospitals should be ensured in the hospital itself.

Provision of necessary equipment

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has said that adequate arrangements for beds, medicines, oxygen, CT scan, ICU, PICU, doctors, staff etc. are being ensured in all necessary preparations for the possible third wave of corona in the state. If there is a third wave in the state, then we have to prevent infection as well as provide best medical facilities to every patient. First of all, the patient does not need to go to the hospital and if he has to go to the hospital, then he should take advantage of the medical system and come back home after recovering at the earliest.

Expansion of beds in hospitals

At present, a total of 68 thousand 22 beds are identified for the treatment of corona in Madhya Pradesh, out of which 54 thousand 130 are in government and 13 thousand 892 are in private hospitals. Under these, 4 thousand beds are marked in private medical colleges. A total of 31 thousand 11 beds are marked in government and private hospitals under Ayushman Yojana. Along with this, an action plan has been prepared to increase the beds in government and private hospitals of each district. Work is also being done to convert more and more normal beds into oxygen beds and ICU beds. Departmental field health workers, volunteers, ASHA workers and ANMs, including doctors, staff nurses, AYUSH doctors, in the state. have been given special training.

Protocol guideline for the treatment of infants

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan informed that a detailed protocol guideline for the treatment of infants has been issued after a thorough study by the committee of experts in the state. Instructions have also been issued for the parents to stay in the ward with the children. Parents of children living in home isolation will be trained. Ambulance network has been strengthened to take Corona patients to hospitals uninterrupted. A total of 1002 ambulances have been identified for this work. Of these, 167 are A.L.S. (Advanced Life Support) and 835 are B.A.S. (Basic Life Support) ambulances.

Oxygen Plants and Oxygen Concentrators

A total of 170 P.S.A. plants are being set up in Madhya Pradesh from the Government of India, State Government and other sources, with a total capacity of 200 Metric Tonnes. Out of these, 21 P.S.A. plants have been set up and the rest will be set up by the month of September. In addition, a total of 78 P.S.A. plants are being set up in 78 district hospitals and community health centres. The capacity of Liquid Medical Oxygen in medical colleges is being increased by 121 Metric Tonnes. 11 thousand 184 oxygen supported beds have been made in district hospitals and 3063 new oxygen supported beds are being made. Along with this, 751 oxygen beds are also being increased in medical colleges. Out of 6190 oxygen concentrators provided to the districts so far, 1500 oxygen concentrators are being made available in the nutrition rehabilitation centers of children. Apart from this, 5100 oxygen concentrators are additionally being given to the districts.

Increase in the number of I.C.U. beds

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that 813 ICU beds have been set up in preparation for the third wave. In the upcoming action plan, 650 new ICU beds are being set up. Apart from this, 345 ICU beds are also being increased in medical colleges. Arrangements for infant ICU are also being made in each district. 320 infant ICU beds have been planned in the state, out of which an additional number of 200 beds are being set up. Besides, 380 infant ICU beds are being increased in medical colleges. The work of recruitment of medical specialists has also started to fill the vacant posts of doctors in the state.

Adopt appropriate behaviour

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that it is more necessary that the common citizens adopt Covid appropriate behaviour along with corona vaccine than the hospital, medicines and oxygen required for the treatment of corona. Wearing a mask, maintaining a distance of two yards, using sanitizer from time to time and avoiding crowding are the biggest means of prevention from corona infection. We all have to adopt covid friendly behaviour. If anyone violates it, then stop and interrupt him. Only then will we be able to stop the spread of corona infection.

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