Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan interacts with workers

Bhopal : Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan today interacted with labourers working under MNREGA in the state today video conferencing. For the first time, these workers attended such a conference with the Collector of the concerned district and the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat and had a discussion with the Chief Minister. On this occasion, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that work has been made available to every needy as per eligibility. New job cards will also be prepared as per requirement, so that people do not face any problem.

Workers in every district needed work in this time of Corona crisis. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan had given instructions to conduct these works in other areas except Red Zone. The livelihood crisis faced by the workers has been overcome through MNREGA works. The work of self-help groups and Swacch Bharat, water conservation, pond construction, check dam construction and Swachh Bharat Mission in MNREGA are proving to be a boon for a large section today.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan asked the Collectors and District Panchayat officials to monitor the operation of MNREGA works while adhering to social distancing. There is a need to provide work to every needy while protecting against Corona virus which affects the economy adversely. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that under the leadership of the Prime Minister of our country, Shri Modi ji, we are fighting a battle against Corona. According to his statement – “Jaan bhi hai, jahan bhi”, you have to make arrangements for livelihood for the workers by maintaining a distance of two yards. Work is to be done by adopting precautions such as using a mask or scarf, and washing hands with soap. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan informed that an amount of Rs eight crore has been paid to women self-help groups. At present, 14 lakh 64 thousand 969 workers are working in MNREGA, which is a record in itself. About 1 lakh 31 thousand works are going on in more than 22 thousand panchayats of the state.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan congratulated Additional Chief Secretary Panchayat and Rural Development Shri Manoj Shrivastava and officers of all district panchayats for connecting large number of labourers to work.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that labourers should work keeping their own safety as well as the safety of the entire family in mind. Now we have to get used to living with Corona for some time. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also obtained information from labourers regarding payment of wages.

Came on foot from Chhattisgarh, found help in Madhya Pradesh

Shri Sitaram Pal of Singrauli told Chief Minister Shri Chouhan that he had to walk 200 kms to Singrauli from Chhattisgarh. These five days were very painful. There was nothing to eat. Pond construction work is going on here through which we could make both ends meet. We got foodgrain also. Ten people work in a group here by maintaining a safe distance between eachother. Shri Sitaram told that he keeps his nose and mouth covered with a scarf for protection.

Reshma reached Khandwa from Maharashtra

As soon as the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan asked Reshma who was sitting with officials in Khandwa – Kaisi ho beti ? Hearing this, Reshma became emotional and fell silent for a moment. Reshma informed that when she came to her village after getting stuck in lockdown in Maharashtra, they face a problem of livelihood. Work was going on at three sites in Jogibida of Khalwa block. She received her wages. Sewer deepening work is going on. Now there is no problem. Labourer from Khandwa, Reva Ram told that he too had gone to work in a brick kiln in Maharashtra. Problems started after lockdown was declared. Somehow he reached Khandwa after five days. Here the Health Department got his test done and asked him to stay separate for a few days. Meanwhile, he stayed away from his family. There was shortage of food. He got wages under MNREGA. Kadha was also given. He was told it does not cause illness. Reva Ram congratulated the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan for implementing the Sambal Yojana.

Hanuman from Chhindwara also got work

During the video conference, Shri Hanuman of Chhindwara district told Chief Minister Shri Chouhan that pond construction work is going on in Tamia block. As many as 468 people are working here under MNREGA. All the workers tie scarves.

Govind asks for payment of wages in 10 days instead of 15

MGNREGA labourer Shri Govind of Burhanpur district said that he is getting employment through Khanti digging work. Work is going on at Saikheda near Khaknar. We get wages in 15 days. We have got 5 kg rice also. Shri Govind suggested to the Chief Minister that if we get wages within 10 days, it would be better.

Bijendra and Sunil congratulate and thank Chief Minister, said we are very relieved

Shri Bijendra of Betul district said that around 150 works are in progress under MNREGA. An amount of Rs 1000 each has been received twice through the Karmakar Mandal. Benefits under Ujjwala Yojana has been received. Amount of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has also been obtained. Assistance in toilet construction has also been received.

Thanking the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan, Shri Bijendra said that arrangements have been made for drinking water in the work sites. Assistance is being provided by the government. Another MNREGA worker Shri Sunil said that he was trapped in Maharashtra. On April 25, after returning to Bhensdehi, he had applied for work in the panchayat which he got work after two days itself. A total of 127 workers are working. Check dam is being constructed here. Congratulating Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan for becoming the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Sunil said that we are getting full help from the government in times of trouble.

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