Khadi’s Flagship CP Outlet Records sale of Rs 1.02 crore on Gandhi Jayanti

New Delhi : Thanks to the appeal of the Prime Minister and the soaring spirit of Khadi lovers, the Khadi sales figure on Gandhi Jayanti, once again, crossed the Rs 1 crore mark at Delhi’s flagship Khadi India outlet in Connaught Place. On 2nd October, the overall sale of Khadi products was recorded at Rs 1,01,66,000 (Rs 1.02 crore) which is significantly high in the pandemic situation after the second wave of Covid-19. Notably, on 2nd October, Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) also launched its customary annual special festive discount on all Khadi and village industry products.

This is for the 4th consecutive year since 2018, that the Khadi sale at the Connaught Place showroom on 2nd October has crossed Rs 1 crore mark. Last year on 2nd October, the gross sale was recorded over Rs 1.02 crore, while the total sale on 2nd October 2019, stood at Rs 1.27 crore, which is also the highest ever single-day sale of Khadi. In 2018, total sale value on 2nd October was Rs 1.06 crore.

KVIC Chairman Shri Vinai Kumar Saxena attributed the massive sale figures to the frequent appeals of the Prime Minister to buy Khadi and also Khadi’s ever-growing acceptance among the masses. “Khadi, the most eco-friendly product in the world, is increasingly becoming popular among people of all sections and age-groups. In the Covid-19 era, there has been a manifold rise in the demand of eco-friendly and herbal products. KVIC is constantly adding new products to cater to the larger consumer base, while maintaining the highest quality standards despite challenges,” Saxena said.

Like the previous year, production of Khadi and village industry products in 2021 too, was affected due to lockdown in wake of the second wave of Covid-19. However, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has, on several occasions, appealed to the people to buy Khadi. In his latest episode of “Mann kiBaat” on 26th September, the Prime Minister urged people to buy Khadi during the festive season and break all previous records of Khadi’s sale.

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