Keep Yourself Safe with These Tips on Webcam Safety

Your webcam safety is at a great risk of being compromised by hackers especially if it is connected to a Personal Computer (PC). This does not mean all the other webcams are free from the wrath of hackers. In fact, legally installed webcams common in workplaces and vacation resorts are also susceptible. Luckily, there are  numerous methods you can use in keeping your webcam secure at all times. In this post, we are going to examine a number of safety tips aimed at shielding your webcam properly.

  • Be thoughtful About Your Passwords

Upon shipping, every webcam model comes with a default password and username from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this does not make you impassable for hackers as they are definitely going to crack the password without breaking a sweat. You must be thoughtful when choosing your password if you are to keep yourself safe.  Never use a password that is somehow linking back to you or one that is easy to guess. Using such passwords is only going to give hackers an easy time when bypassing.

To keep yourself safe, you will have to use strong passwords dissimilar from any other account you might be using. Furthermore,  you must shun away from revealing your passwords via SMS or Email since it makes them easy to trace. Keep in mind technology keeps on evolving and hackers can use sophisticated methods in bypassing a password. Therefore, you must change your passwords on a regular basis while at the same time watching out for two-step authentication.

  • Install Up to Date Internet Security Software

Nowadays, you can download and install internet security software after which it will undertake the responsibility of keeping you safe when surfing. As is the case with any other software, you must install the latest version if you are to get full protection.  Remember, developers are always looking for ways to keep their software secure by minimizing the extent of a breach. Any up to date internet security software will have high-end features thus serving the intended role perfectly.

If you are not into internet security software, you can decide to go with a webcam activity monitoring software. Reputable webcam activity monitoring software such as Zemana AntiLogger offers maximum protection when on a video chat. If this is not enough, it also examines keyboard logging programs, a feature that is quite hard to find in most monitoring software. All in all, you must make use of the latest version as it is the only way out.

  • Adjust Webcam Settings

Before installing a webcam, you should read through the manual after which you can check out its security settings.  This action is aimed at figuring out whether the webcam has an option for switching off remote viewing or not.  If the option is available, you will have to turn it off immediately. Upon doing so, hackers are going to have a hard time in intercepting any of your footage. Do not shy away from trying out other security features you come across. You should however avoid making adjustments to webcam security settings you know nothing about as they can leave you vulnerable to hackers.

  • Have Different User Accounts

At times you might be sharing your Personal Computer with family members or friends. When this is the case, consider setting up dissimilar user accounts that lead to each user’s data. After all, we have different intentions of using a webcam.  For instance, some people may decide to sign up on a camming site simply because they want to enjoy a free random chat whereas others might be into live video game streaming.  By setting up different user accounts, you reduce the chances of a possible security breach. Furthermore, users are not going to dig into other people stuff since they do not have access to their accounts.

 Security Starts With You

Let us face it, security is always going to start with you. What this basically means is that you should never expose anything you wish to hide to your webcam.  As a result, hackers are never going to have an upper hand even after accessing your webcam since there is nothing to hide. Apart from concealing things to your webcam, keep the webcam far away from your children or any other party you do not trust. Always check whether the webcam is on before leaving your Personal Computer so as to spot any form of hacking without delay.

  • Cover the Webcam Lens

A number of external webcams come with a small cover for closing over the webcam lens when not in use. So be sure to take full advantage this and cover it up if you are to keep away hackers or people having bad intentions.  If your webcam does not have a cover, simply place a small piece of electrical tape and it will do the trick.  To avoid damaging the lens, place this tape on the front of your webcam rather than directly over the lens. For those who are afraid of causing damage to the webcam lens, then you can simply point it up until the time you want to use it for video chatting or any other purpose.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, the best webcam safety tips to keep you safe.  Securing your webcam is all about the measures you decide to put in place. Fortunately, you can combine as many tips as possible if you are to keep your webcam safety in check. Keep a close eye for small details such as changing your password on a regular basis or checking whether the webcam is on.  As an added tip, you need to work with a trustworthy source when repairing your Personal Computer. This is because some technicians end up installing spying software on your PC when carrying out a repair.  Always uninstall any suspicious app you come across and seek the help of a professional before things get complicated.

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