Japanese Film ‘Ring Wandering’, a film which resurrects memories of Tokyo’s hidden war-torn past, bags The Golden Peacock at 52nd IFFI

New Delhi : A day labourer and aspiring manga artist in search of bones which he believes will help him complete his piece of art ends up unearthing forgotten war-time memories buried deep under the collective consciousness of the nation and its shared history. Japanese film Ring Wandering by Director Masakazu Kaneko, an ode to the thousands of souls whose bodies as well as memories were enshrouded in a forgotten past, has bagged the coveted Golden Peacock Award, at the 52nd edition of the International Film Festival of India.

Expressing their commendation for the film, the International Competition Jury of the festival has described the 2021 film Ringu Wandaringu as a beautifully photographed combination of fantasy and manga-inspired reality, reflecting a fascination with the echoes of the past reverberating in present-day Japanese society. The jury notes that the narration of the complex, multidimensional and tormentous trauma of the nation has been very subtly handled by both the direction and the performances, making the film a delightfully rewarding experience.

Though seeking to bring war-time memories to life, the film is not a war film; rather, it is centred on human relationships and exhorts us to think beyond the limits of what is readily comprehensible to us. Read more Here.

Director Masakazu Kaneko receives the Golden Peacock and a Certificate, in addition to a cash prize of Rs. 20 lakh; while producer of the film Takashi Shiotsuki receives a certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 20 lakh.

Czech Director Václav Kadrnka’s Saving One Who Is Dead, a Czech film which holds out a candle of hope even amidst the winter of hopelessness, has been selected for the honour of the IFFI 52 Silver Peacock for the Best Director. Inspired by the near-death experience of the Director’s father who falls into a coma, Zpráva o záchrane mrtvého invites viewers on a spiritual journey, to places man is seldom permitted to enter. To places where life huddles up tightly to death and only the resurrected can return.

The jury has praised the film to be a very masterful and confidently envisioned visual tale of a mother and son caught in a twilight which conjures imaginations of life and death, where each portrait-style frame is composed and performed with telling details. Read more Here.

Kadrnka receives the Silver Peacock, a certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 15 lakh.

Indian and Marathi Actor Jitendra Bhikulal Joshi receives Silver Peacock for Best Actor (Male), for portraying Late Marathi actor and filmmaker Nishikant Kamat in Godavari; “his brilliant performance made it flow like a river from his rage to tears”

The masterful way in which Marathi actor Jitendra Bhikulal Joshi has played the complex role of Nishikant Kamat, in Director Nikhil Mahajan’s Godavari has earned him the Silver Peacock Award for Best Actor (Male). The film summons viewers to join the spiritual journey of landlord Kamat, whose encounter with his own impending death takes him along a deep philosophical exploration of life and death. Coming to know of his impending death, the lead

The International Jury notes that the troubled Nishikant’s fiery-eyed portrayal is engaging and mournful. Although his character is quite complex, his brilliant performance made it flow like a river from his rage to tears, commends the jury.

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