Interview with Odia film producer Akshay Parija

The most awaited movie of the year ‘Kehi Nuhen Kahara’ released this 2nd October. All the Odia viewers are eager to know certain facts behind this superb flick. So, on the occasion of the premiere of the cinema, Odisha Diary correspondent Subrat Kumar Nayak had collected the producer Akshay Kumar Parija’s valuable words on the movie.
OD: Why did you choose such a different style of story plot?
Akshaya Parija: Even though most of the times I live outside India, I have never left a chance to watch Odia movie whenever I came here. Always there comes a regular talk, Odia movies are made on the story of south-Indian film which were decreasing the Odia integrity. So I decided to make films on original stories having Odia flavour. We have proved the originity rules industry in movies like ‘Jianta Bhuta’ and ‘Thukul’ before.
OD: What are the factors in the movie which makes it different from others?
Akshaya Parija: We selected every part of the movie deserving the story. The looks, story, suspense, climax and also the shooting locations, everything is according to the demand of the story.
OD: How much you are hopeful about the commercial success of the film?
Akshaya Parija: It is going to be commercially best movie ever as we have everything unique. We have the young talented director Sushant Mani, the Bollywood man in Ollywood. And the technology we adopted will make a history.
OD: Whenever an Odia movie comes music plays a vital role. What kind of music is there in movie?
Akshay Parija: Good question, we made the music sitting after we planned the story. Bapu Goswami has contributed his pen where as Biswaswarup is on music. There is a theme song instead of title track.
OD: What are the ingredients of a successful film?
Akashay Parija: Good story plot, good direction and justifying energy by each and everyone in the unit make the movie successful. We have all the things here in the movie. Now it is up to the viewers, they are real judge to us.