India test-fired Agni-III ballistic missile from Odisha coast

Balasore: Agni-III ballistic missile test-fired from Abdul Kalam Island off Odisha coast at 9.12 am today. The Strategic Forces Command (SFC), a specially raised missile-handling unit of the Indian Army reportedly carry out the test from Abdul Kalam Island with logistics support from DRDO.
Agni-III is an intermediate-range ballistic missile developed by India as the successor to Agni-II. It has a range of 3,500 km- 5,000 km,and is capable of engaging targets deep inside neighbouring countries.
The Agni-III, capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear warheads weighing up to 1.5 tonnes, is 17 metres tall with a two-metre diameter and weighs about 48 tonnes. The missile was inducted in the armed forces in June, 2011.

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