How Important is Brokerage in Intraday Trading?

Playing the stock market, or buying and selling stocks in general, is something that people do as a means to earn money in the long run. However, not all investments require a long time period to be fruitful. In fact, several individuals make same-day trades on the stock market with the sole aim of earning maximum profit in the least amount of time possible. This buying and selling of stocks within the same day is called intraday trading.


When it comes to day trading, first-time investors are generally quite apprehensive and unsure about what kind of securities to buy and sell. This is where traders and brokers come into the picture. With the help of experts, investors are able to make the right kind of trade to help them fulfil their financial goals. So who exactly are these experts? Brokers are licensed financial institutions that connect you to the stock market. It’s important that you do your due diligence and research before you select a broker, as they will have a significant impact on your intraday purchases and sells. Most importantly, it’s vital to remember that they will also charge you a certain brokerage fee.


The amount a broker will charge you could depend on the number of trades you do per day. High volume investors, however, prefer partnering with those brokers who allow them to pay a flat fee per day or month, offering them the opportunity to buy and sell an unlimited number of stocks and securities per day. For example, Firm X may charge Rs. 5 per trade that you make. On the other hand, Firm Y will charge you Rs. 100 for up to 75 transactions carried out in a single day. If you’re only making 5 transactions per day, you could look at partnering with Firm X. On the other hand, if you make more than 20 transactions a day, you’re better off collaborating with Firm Y.


Several investors consider the brokerage fee that a firm charges as the only factor worth looking at before making a decision about whom to partner with. In today’s competitive market, the fee per trade may not be monumentally high, but if you’re trading a large number of stocks every single day, you may end up spending thousands just in brokerage fees. This is where Kotak Securities comes in. They offer their investors Free Intraday Trading (FIT), allowing them to make as many transactions as they wish to, on any platform, without having to cough up a large brokerage fee. They also provide access to their research team’s reports on market trends, so that they can make informed decisions about their day trades. Kotak has also developed the Kotak Stock Trader app, which allows their investors to access their portfolio and even makes trades while they’re on the go.


When it comes to intraday trading, the brokerage fee is one of the most important factors that investors consider, and Kotak’s FIT policy is definitely a great way to keep investors interested. If you’d like to start trading with Kotak Securities, click here.

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