Gurugram Hosts National Brahmin Convention

Gurugram: ‘Sanmarg’ World Brahmin Federation India organised a ‘National Brahmin Convention’ at the Kingdom of Dreams auditorium located in sector 29, Gurugram. The conference was held to propagate the principles of national integrity & unity. Presided by Hon’ble Parliamentarian and ex-minister Pt. Kalraj Mishra, the key note speaker at this event was Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Culture and Environment, GOI. Parliamentarian Ramesh Kaushik along with Mr. Rambilas Sharma, Minister of Education and Tourism, Govt. of Haryana attended this conference.

The event started with lighting of lamp and a hymn paying obeisance to Lord Ganesha. Sanmarg World Brahmin Federation India was represented by Chairman Pt.Mangeram Sharma, President Pt. R.S. Goswami, General Secretary Pt. Sashikant Sharma, Senoir Vice President K.C. Pandey, and Vice President Pt. Ravikant Sharma, Pt. Rakesh Swami and Pt. Rajesh Kaushik. More than 2000 Brahmin representatives from across the nation attended this conference.

Addressing the congregation Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Culture and Environment, GOI said, “It is not important what we inherited, what we leave behind us is important. We will continue to strive towards taking the society to new heights”. Talking about the importance of such events Mr. Sharma further said, “I am grateful to Pt. Mangeram Sharma for organising this event.”

Expressing his gratitude towards the Hon’ble Ministers Pt. Mangeram Sharma said, “We are pleased to have the august presence of hon’ble Ministers, parliamentarians and other prominent guests. I request Hon’ble Mahesh Sharma ji and Mr. Rambilas from the Haryana government to grant land for building headquarters of our organisation in Gurugram. We hope that our demands are taken into cognizance and discussed in the upcoming cabinet meeting”

Accepting the demands of the federation Mr. Rambilas Sharma, Minister of Education and Tourism, Govt. of Haryana said, “We are delighted that Pt. Mangeram Sharma chose Gurugram for holding this congregation and accept their request of land for building of the national headquarters of World Brahmin Federation in Gurugram and also constitute a Brahmin welfare board in the state.”

Regional representatives from J&K, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Bihar, UP and few more states also addressed the gathering and shared the scenario of their states and placed their demands in front of them. Brahmin Mahasabha has suggested 3 pertinent steps that would have a positive impact on the society:

  1. Political: The recurring reduction in percentage of Brahmin representatives in parliament and state legislative assemblies is a matter of concern. In the first Lok Sabha elections a total 125 Brahmin MPs were elected from across the nation. The number fell to less than 50 members in 2014. It is pertinent that Brahmin leaders should strengthen their position in each village, block, and district level. Every state unit was requested to identify eligible young leaders and guide them towards making a career in politics. Political parties should be pressurised at different levels so that deserving Brahmin candidates get nominations.
  2. Economic: Considering the rapid increase in unemployment across the country stress was laid upon making them self-reliant and pushing them towards business.
  3. Educational: Sanmarg World Brahmin Federation, India would initiate a Super 100 programme intended to help poor and bright Brahmin candidates. 100 Engineering, Medical and IAS aspirants would be given economic assistance to pursue higher education so that they can contribute to make India a developed nation.

Sanmarg World Brahmin Federation, India has put up the following demands in front of the Government.

  1. Every state in India should constitute a Brahmin Welfare Board
  2. Reservations should be granted on Economic basis in the country and the current caste based reservation system should be scrapped
  3. Lord Parshuram’s Birth anniversary should be celebrated across the nation
  4. Centres propagating ethics, culture and Sanskrit should be established
  5. Every voter should have right to contest elections
  6. Brahmin/priests working in temples should be provided with a regular monthly pay
  7. Provision for Legal proceedings against those condemning and spreading negativity about Brahmins should be made
  8. Brahmins should get proprietary rights over gifts given to them in the past
  9. World Brahmin federation requests the Haryana Government to grant land for building its headquarters in Gurugram similar to the ones built in Andhra Pradesh.

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