Gangavaram Port takes a step towards to ensure clean Visakhapatnam Railway Station

Visakhapatnam:   Gangavaram Port has inaugurated a waste management facility in Visakhapatnam Railway Station and has also contributed an amount of Rs 25 lakhs towards promoting cleanliness of public infrastructure at the Waltair Division of East Coast Railways. The establishment of this facility is a step towards providing better infrastructural facilities for the citizens and railway commuters . These initiatives are aimed at community’s welfare and ensuring cleanliness of the surroundings.

 Gangavaram Port has extended this support to the Indian Railways as a part of their corporate social responsibility program and is aimed at helping them maintain hygiene and sanitation at the stations.

Speaking on occasion Gangavaram Port management said” We are happy to be a part of such positive initiatives by Indian Railways to provide separate dustbins for biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage at platforms and all passenger interface areas in major stations in the country. The inauguration of this facility is expected to provide adequate waste collection bins on platforms and by the side of stalls at all railway stations for environment-friendly disposal of waste. At Gangavaram Port we are committed to the wellbeing of our communities and will continue to support such initiatives in the future”.

The program was attended by Shri Anoopkumar Satapathy, DRM; Shri Manoj Kumar Sahoo, ADRM; Shri AK Tripathy, Snr DCM, Shri Samapth Patro, Snr DME along with Shri M Viswanadham, AGM & Shri Raghuram, Dy Mgr of Gangavaram Port . Indian Railways team appreciated the efforts made by Gangavaram Port Limited for taking such environment-friendly initiatives and provide funds for the upliftment of infrastructure at the stations.

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