The Galvanized Marvel – Bandra Worli Sea Link…

Bandra Worli Sea Link is the first and the longest sea link bridge in India. It is an 8-lane cable-stayed bridge, spanningabout 5600 meters in length and towering to a height of 126 meters. Executed at a cost of Rs. 16.5 billion, the material used in the construction project had to meet quality regulations and standards considering an average daily traffic of 37,500 vehicles.

 Infrastructure like bridges are extremely vulnerable to corrosion due to their proximity to marine salts and moisture. The only corrosion prevention method for these structures is to provide a barrier coating by galvanization. 

The quality and reliability of steel wire ropes was a crucial factor in the construction of the bridge since the steel wires are required to support the cable stay bridge. The bridge stands strong with support of high-strength galvanized steel cables, rigorously tested before being put to use. 

Over Rs. 90 million is spent on illuminating the sea link. Construction of the sea link was not only worked on by aced groups from India, but groups from 11 other countries including Egypt, China, Canada, Switzerland, Britain, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Serbia who deliberated and decided to make this bridge stand tall for many years to come.


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