Full Scale Safety Mock Drill Organized at Utkal Alumina Plant

Bhubaneswar : Complying with the decision of the District Crisis Group (DCG), a full scale Mock Drill is being organized at Alumina Refinery Plant of Utkal Alumina International Limited (UAIL) on 23rd December 2019. The drill is a regular practice of the company for the employees about the emergency preparedness at the time of various industrial crises,and also to train them to avoid and escape from any hazardous industrial accidents
The drill was carried out at Refinery HFO storage area of the plant. It was supervised by the members of DCG and respective Govt. officers of Rayagada District, like, Mr. Ranjit Naik Asst. Director Factory & Broiler, Mr. K Somani, Rayagada District Fire Office, F&S Mr. MD Avesh Sr. Officer,JKPM, Mr. DK Samal Chief Security Officer, JKPM and RR Biswal Manager Safety, JKPM, Mr. A. K. Khillo, ASI Doraguda PS joined the exercise as observers. All the employees including senior executives of the company participated in the said Mock Drill. In a pre-briefing company official Mr. Kausiki, GM Technical, briefed the entire internal and external team about the overall process of the refinery operation and the process of handling such crises in various emergencies in the presence of Mr. N Nagesh Unit Head & President, UAIL.
In the briefing to team, observers and government officials the Unit Head and President Shri N, Nagesh said, “In preview of safety and security the importance of such Mock Drills are very essential. It helps all the employees to be prepared for such incidents. He also mentioned that after the mock drill any kind of observation by external team will be taken for further improvement in the process of safety and emergency preparedness”
The Asst. Director Factory and Boiler, Rayagada Mr. R.K. Naik mentioned that “during Fire & Safety Mock Drills, proper coordination between the various team is very essential as time is what it matters in such kind of emergencies as it involves lives and property which was very evident from the drill. One should first be equipped enough to save their lives and then to safeguard the lives of the people and the property. As such requisite preparedness would save more lives.”
Mr. Somani, District Fire Officer, Rayagada appreciated efforts of the company employees and the entire team of the said Mock Drill. While giving his feedback he mentioned the importance of holding such exercises in a regular basis as these practice sessions will make the team perfect for the real crises.
While giving his inputs Mr. MD Avesh, Sr. Officer, F & S, J.K Paper Mills, who witnessed it as an observer spoke to the team of emergency preparedness on which kind of foam is more effective for Oil related fire and on the new and advance technology and technique to have an effective handling of the same.
Mr. Samal, Chief Security Officer J.K Paper Mills, who was an observer at the emergency control room appreciated the effort and suggested few observations which was well accepted by the team.
In the concluding remarks Mr. Jay Tiwari GM &Chief Safety Officer, UAIL had extended thanks to all the team for their effective and timely execution of the mock drill and expresses gratitude to all the Government Officers, Observers, for witnessing it and giving their valuable feedback.

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