Four-day truce between Israel and Palestinian terror group Hamas along with release of hostages to begin today

A four-day truce between Israel and Palestinian terror group Hamas will begin today. Giving details about the temporary truce and release of Israeli hostages held in Gaza by Hamas, mediator Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Majed Al Ansari said, on the first day, a group of 13 Israeli women and child hostages will be released from Gaza later in the day. Under the deal, 50 hostages are to be freed during a four-day pause in fighting.

Israel has confirmed that it has received an initial list of names of people who will be released from Gaza. Israel and Hamas came to an agreement on Wednesday to a ceasefire in Gaza for at least four days to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza and release at least 50 hostages held by terrorists in the enclave in exchange for at least 150 Palestinians imprisoned in Israel.

The conflict began on 7th of last month after Hamas terrorists launched an unprecedented surprise attack on Israel and infiltrated the country by air, land and sea. Hundreds of civilians were killed and hundreds were taken hostage by Hamas.

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