Five units of Hindustan Zinc conferred with 26th Bhamashah Award for its exemplary contribution in education field

Bhubaneswar: Five units of Hindustan Zinc namely Chanderiya Smelting Complex, Rajpura Dariba Complex, Zawar Mines, Rampura Agucha Mine and Kayad Mine were presented with the 26th Bhamashah Award for its outstanding contribution towards the education system in the state of Rajasthan and ensure quality education in Govt. schools situated in various districts of Rajasthan.

The Bhamashah Award is a state level award presented for excellent contribution in the field of education. A total of 50 Bhamashahs were awarded for their exemplary contribution towards supporting in the field of School infrastructure and other work related to education in order to ensure quality education in Govt. schools situated in various districts of Rajasthan.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic spread, Rajasthan state Education department organised an e-platform Bhamashah award ceremony, wherein they honoured 50 Bhamashah for contribution in the field of education throughout the state.

The total contribution of 50 Bhamashahs came up to INR 101 crores, of which Hindustan Zinc contributed around 32% for the upliftment of education level in the state. Out of the five units, Rajpura Dariba Complex secured 1st position making a contribution of INR 8.95 crores followed by Zawar Mines with INR 7.59 crores contribution. Chanderiya Smelting Complex made of contribution of INR 7.01 crores followed by Rampura Agucha Mine with INR 6.40 crores and Kayad Mine with INR 2.34 crores. The contributions were made in the education field for financial year 2019-20 through Khushi project, Shiksha Sambal Project, Unchi Udaan , Mindspark project(digitalized education in Govt. School),Sponsorship for higher education for rural girls etc.

The development and betterment of education has been a focus for Hindustan Zinc and the company has always been contributing towards the upliftment of the education level in the state be it providing additional classes of Maths, English and Science subjects under its Shiksha Sambal program, coaching for IIT exams under Unchi Udaan initiative, Mindspark project or supporting higher education for girls, education has been given utmost importance.

The event was attended by Higher Education Minister, Education officers and other esteemed guests along with 50 nominated NGOs, institutes and private companies.

On behalf of Hindustan Zinc, the awards were received by Anupam Nidhi – Head CSR HZL and Sujal Shah – Director Mines HZL along with Kastoor Meena, Vishal Agarwal, Dalpat Chouhan, Abhay Gautam, Anand Chakarborty and Ruchika Chawla. The award ceremony also included a session wherein Mr. Anupam Nidhi stated that introduction of technology plays a critical role in learning of a child, and promotion of English more as a language in state education curriculum could help students to learn the language.

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