DST’s green measures in new buildings of Technology Bhawan Campus take forward Special Swachhata Campaign 2.0

New Delhi : The new buildings constructed in the Department of Science and Technology campus have substantially reduced water and energy consumption from day one of occupancy. This is because the buildings have been constructed adhering to the Indian Green Building Council’s Green New Building Ratings and US Green Building Council’s LEED BD+C rating in respect of the new buildings.

In Green New buildings, energy savings range from 20 – 30 %, and water savings around 30 – 50%. Besides, they also have enhanced air quality, excellent daylighting and ensure the health and well-being of the occupants, safety benefits, and conservation of scarce national resources.


Green building rating tools – also known as certification – are used to assess and recognise buildings which meet certain green requirements or standards. Rating tools, often voluntary, recognise and reward companies and organisations who build and operate greener buildings, thereby encouraging and incentivising them to push the boundaries on sustainability.

The major initiatives incorporated to achieve green building ratings include integrated design and approach, preservation of existing trees, passive architecture, soil erosion control, allowance for natural topography or vegetation, five roof as well as non-roof rainwater harvesting systems, water-efficient fixtures, landscape design, 1.1 lakh kilo litre Sewage Treatment Plant, reuse for landscaping, systems for reduction of air conditioning requirements, eco-friendly refrigerants, installation of 540 kWp solar panels for onsite renewable energy, segregation of waste and use of sustainable building material, and reduction of waste. The initiatives have played a major role in taking forward the Special Swachhata Campaign 2.0.



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