Dr. Harsh Vardhan distributes masks and soaps with Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) at Old Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi: Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Chairman of Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) distributed masks and soaps at the Old Delhi Railway Station today.

Emphasizing on the importance of wearing Mask and washing of hands, Dr Vardhan said, “We will soon be completing eleven months in our fightagainst COVID. Since then, the most important principle to protect ourselves and others is to follow basic principles of hygiene and physical distancing. In fight against COVID, our biggest weapon is mask and sanitizer.”

Appreciating the fact that everybody present at the event is wearing mask, Dr Vardhan said, “This mask and soap distribution has a big message behind it. The aim is to spread the message. The government is trying to spread awareness among people through different channels and activities. Coolies, Taxi unions, three wheeler unions play a very important role in its implementation.”

Speaking on the COVID situation in India, Dr Vardhan highlighted the progress in COVID parameters . He said, “ India has one of the highest recovery rate in the whole world. From 1 lab in January 2020, we now have 2165 labs. More than a million people are being tested on a daily basis. We have completed 14 Crore cumulative tests today. This all shows the determination of government and relentless efforts of our corona warriors whose contribution is significant in fighting the pandemic.”

He further added, “Under the able guidance of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, India has become self reliant in production of masks, PPE kits, ventilators etc. More than 10 lakh PPE kits are being manufactured every day in India. And now, our scientists are instrumental in the research for the vaccine and it will be available on time.”

Dr Vardhan urged people to follow Do gaj ki doori. He said, “A small negligence or carelessness on our part may invite serious problems. Though we have one of the lowest fatality rate in the world, but even if one person succumbsto the disease, it is the biggest loss for their friends and family. This is my emotional appeal to all of you to spread the message to maximum people.”

Shri. R.K. Jain,Secretary General ,IRCS, Shri S C Jain, DRM, Delhi were present at the event.


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