Dharmendra Pradhan says IGNOU should become the knowledge centre of the world , calls for leveraging technology to reach the unreached.

New Delhi : Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said IGNOU should become the knowledge centre of the world. Addressing the the 35th convocation of IGNOU he called for leveraging technology to reach the unreached.

The Minister said today’s convocation at IGNOU is a big confidence booster as it reflects the immense possibilities of the innovative pedagogy of the university. He said IGNOU has emerged as modern day Lord Hanuman in taking education and learning to the remotest corners and to the poorest.

Pradhan said 21st century is the century of knowledge. He said if we want to establish India as a knowledge-based economic superpower, we must ensure a paradigm shift in our education landscape. He said NEP2020 is a step towards transforming our education and skills’ landscape.

The minister said technology is the new equaliser. We must ensure empowerment of our population through innovation, especially those at the bottom of the pyramid and also ensure that education reaches the unreached. He said Digital University and other e-learning initiatives are steps in that direction.

Shri Pradhan said we have to tap our civilisational wealth and also the immense potential of our Indian knowledge system to make our education system more holistic, empathetic and for global good in line with the spirit of Vasudhaiv Kutumbukam. He said leveraging upon technology, innovation, internet & digital, IGNOU must endeavour to further enlarge the canvas of education, strengthen the e-content architecture and emerge as a benchmark knowledge centre of the world. IGNOU has to lead the ‘Renaissance of Knowledge’, he added.

The Minister said he was delighted to be a part of the 35th Convocation of IGNOU. and extended his deep compliments and good wishes to the 2.91 lakh+ meritorious students at the 32 regional centres across the country who have received their degree, diploma, certificate, Ph.D/M.Phil and gold medals.

Shri Pradhan commended the teachers, staff, alumni and students of IGNOU for expanding the realm of education & learning and for making the university a ‘जन-जन का विश्वविद्यालय’ in its illustrious journey of 37 years. He said the heartening experiences shared by our students today reconfirms the value proposition of IGNOU. IGNOU is an apt example of multiple entry-exit. He said making education & learning flexible and encouraging earning while learning should be the objective of our universities.

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