Depression over Eastcentral and adjoining Southeast Arabian Sea & Lakshadweep area: Pre- Cyclone Watch for Gujarat Coast

New Delhi: The depression over Southeast and adjoining Lakshadweep & Eastcentral Arabian Sea moved northwards with a speed of about 31 kmph in last three hours and lay centred at 0830 hrs IST of today, the 10th June, 2019 near latitude 12.5°N and longitude 71.0°E over Eastcentral and adjoining Southeast Arabian Sea & Lakshadweep area, about 240 km northwest of Aminidivi (Lakshadweep), 760 km south-southwest of Mumbai (Maharashtra) and 930 km south-southeast of Veraval (Gujarat). It is very likely to intensify further into a deep depression during next 06 hours, into a Cyclonic Storm during the subsequent 24 hours and into a Severe Cyclonic Storm thereafter. It is likely to move north-northwestwards during next 72 hours.

It is very likely to cause adverse impact in terms of wind & rainfall over Saurashtra & Kutch mainly on 13th & 14th June, 2019.

Forecast track and intensity are given in the following table:

Date/Time(IST) Position (Lat. 0N/ long. 0E) Maximum sustained surface wind speed (Kmph) Category of cyclonic disturbance
10.06.19/0830 12.5/71.0 40-50 gusting to 60 Depression
10.06.19/1730 13.2/70.8 55-65 gusting to 75 Deep Depression
11.06.19/0530 14.6/70.5 65-75 gusting to 85 Cyclonic Storm
11.06.19/1730 16.0/70.3 80-90 gusting to 100 Cyclonic Storm
12.06.19/0530 17.5/70.0 90-100 gusting to 115 Severe Cyclonic Storm
12.06.19/1730 19.0/69.8 100-110 gusting to 125 Severe Cyclonic Storm
13.06.19/0530 20.3/69.6 110-120 gusting to 135 Severe Cyclonic Storm



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