Demand for steel plant intensifies in Kendujhar

Report by Malaya Mohapatra; Kendujhar: About three thousand people from various parts of the district gathered near town hall to support the demand for setting up a mega steel project in Kendujhar. The call was given by the District Press Forum for which all political parties and 65 different organisation had joined the demonstration of this genuine demand.
The iron and manganese mines of Kendujhar district has been a feeder of raw materials to most steel Mills in the country and abroad but the district has been deprived of a mega steel project. The necessity of a steel plant has been a political agenda of all political parties since independence due to availability of raw materials, cheap manpower, land, water and peaceful environment but no mega steel plant could be set up due to lack of political will and apathy of the Government. After a brief address by different leaders, thousands of people marched in a peaceful rally following Covid norms to the District Collectors office where memorandums were submitted to the prime Minister, chief minister and minister steel at center through the collector. Ex minister Jayadev Jena, PCC chief Niranjan Pattnaik, Madhab sardar, president BJD, Mohan majhi, MLA ,chief whip Bjp , representatives of people’s forum, truck associations, bar associations, all associations of press and media etc.were present in the rally.

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