Delegates experience photo exhibition on temples at the Kashi Tamil Sangamam

New Delhi : A photography exhibition of 90 famous ancient temples; has been organized by the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, Varanasi at Kashi Tamil Sangamam, which is in progress at the Amphitheater Ground of Banaras Hindu University. A total of 29 photographs of temples of Varanasi and 61 photographs of temples of Tamil Nadu have been showcased. The grandeur and architecture of the temples of Tamil Nadu and the rare idols of Kashi are the key attraction for the delegates as well as visitors.


Kashi and Tamil Nadu have a very deep civilisational connection with Lord Shiva being the center of this long standing relationship.

Kashi is identified with Lord Shiva and many of the temples in Tamil Nadu are also dedicated to Lord Shiva. The photographs of the temples of both these places have been displayed at the exhibition event.  The temples of South India are basically of Dravidian tradition which are called Dravidian style architectures and the temples of North India are of Nagara-style temple architectures.

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