Day 2 of the International Conference on “New Technologies and Innovations in Rural Roads”

New Delhi :Day 2 of the International Conference on “New Technologies and Innovations in Rural Roads” was conducted here today. The lectures of eminent speakers across India and abroad were held in four sessions.

Session I was held on the topic “New Technologies in Rural Roads”. It was chaired by Shri Sanjay Kumar Nirmal, ADG (Roads), MoRTH. During this session Dr. Ambika Behl, Principal Scientist, CRRI, New Delhi gave a presentation on “Application of Cold Recycling for Rural Roads”. Dr. Anjan Kumar from IIT Guwahati gave a presentation on “Intelligent Compaction for Improved Performance of Rural Roads”. Dr. K. Sridhar Reddy from SIET, Hyderabad gave a detailed presentation on “Design of Short Panel Concrete Pavement for Low Volume Roads”. Dr. Breixo Gómez Meijide, Technical Director, EAPA gave a presentation through VC on “Overview of Low Volume Roads in Europe”. Dr. Nikhil Saboo of IIT Roorkee gave a presentation on “Waste Plastic in Bituminous Mixes for Low Volume Roads – Indian Experience”. Mr. Gordan Keller, Forest Services, USA, through VC, gave a presentation on “New, Technologies and Innovations in Rural Roads- India”. Dr. Sunitha from NIT Tiruchirappalli gave a presentation on “Experiences on use of Coir in Rural Roads”.

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Session II was chaired by Shri R P Indoria, Former DG (Roads), MoRTH in which various presentations were given by technology providers namely, “BitChem Asphalt Technologies Limited”, “Amman India Private Limited”, National Jute Board”, “Tiki Tar and Shell India Pvt Ltd”, “V V Autotest Systems Pvt Limited” and “AVS Inno Infra – ANT Technology”.


Session III on the topic “Asset Management”, was chaired by Shri. C.P. Joshi, Secretary (Roads) and President, IRC. Mr. Rob Geddes, Consultant, CDSA, Africa through VC gave a presentation on “A Framework for Road Asset Management”. Prof. A. Veeraragavan, IIT Madras gave a presentation on “Preventive maintenance and performance-based maintenance contracts for Asset Management of rural roads”. Mr Mike Pinard, Infra Africa Consultant, South Africa, gave a presentation on “International best practices in the provision of Low Volume roads”. Dr. Iswandaru Widyatmoko AECOM, UK through VC gave a presentation on “Promoting Sustainable and climate resilience materials for rural roads – UK Case Studies”. Mr. Scott Bloxsom, Senior Adviser, International Road Federation and Mr. Ian Greenwood, Asset Management Expert, New Zealand gave a presentation on “Road Asset Management on Rural Roads”.

The last session of the day, entitled “Innovations in Materials and Technologies”, was chaired by Dr Reenu Aneja, Task Team Leader, The World Bank. Dr Manoj Kumar Shukla, Principal Scientist, CRRI, New Delhi gave a presentation on “Cement Grouted Bituminous Mix for longevity of Flexible Pavements”. Dr Manik Burman of Minnesota University gave a presentation through VC on “Innovations in Technologies, Materials and Designs for long lasting Low Volume roads”. Prof Kim J Jenkins, Stellenbosch University, South Africa gave a presentation through VC on “Sustainable Practises of Cold Recycling of Roads Leads to Sustainable Performance”. Shri Alok Bhowmik, B&S Engineering Consultants Pvt Limited, gave a presentation on “Modular Pre-Engineered Bridge Systems for Permanent, Emergency and Temporary Applications”.

Over 600 people attended the day 2 of the International Conference in person, and more than 2,500 joined online from around the world.

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