Corona volunteers in Madhya Pradesh playing active role to bring awareness

Bhopal: While on the one hand, the administration and public representatives are making all efforts at their level in the war against Corona, on the other hand, the volunteers of Jan Abhiyan Parishad, social organizations, social workers, and women of self-help groups in rural areas are also playing an active role in bringing public awareness towards corona. Along with this, innovative innovations are also being done in many districts to prevent corona infection and treatment systems.

Innovations were made in several districts to break the corona infection chain, which has also proved to be very effective.




door-to-door survey and identification of potential patients and construction of micro containment zone.


Due to strict monitoring and auditing of the use ofOxygen, the use of oxygen for patients decreased drastically.


The people did not allow the people to get out of the house unnecessarily since the month of March by running campaigns like ‘Majhi Holi-MajhaGhar’.

Local arrangements for screening/oxygen supply etc. at the borders by better coordination with the Jalgaon district of the bordering Maharashtra state.

Construction of a special cell to help the Corona warriors and their families in the district


Construction and operation of Adarsh ​​Covid Care Center in ShajapurShujalpur, where patients from neighboring districts are also wanting to come.


During strict curfew reduction in positive corona cases.

Construction and operation of 600-bed Covid Care Center in collaboration with Radha Swami Satsang Vyas.


Patients returning to Ratlam Medical College are being given one plant each while returning home when they are recovered so that oxygen can be returned to nature.

Volunteer groups visiting village to village

Committed to breaking the Corona chain in the district of Burhanpur bordering the state of Maharashtra, the administration, public representatives, religious leaders, youth and media are fighting with the team spirit like a warrior in this battle of Corona, while presenting unity. By going door-to-door in all the villages and urban areas of Burhanpur and Khaknar blocks, Jan Abhiyan Parishad and Corona Volunteers in the district are trying to create awareness among the common people about the corona. Volunteers are advising citizens to use masks when they get out of the house, get vaccinated at a vaccination center, follow social distancing, not leave the house during a public curfew, and obey administration orders.

Women are playing an important role as Volunteers

Volunteers at 37 immunization centers in Burhanpur development block and 33 vaccination centers in Khaknar development block are continuously offering their services with an awareness campaign. In this work, female volunteers are playing the role of women’s power. The work of motivating people for vaccination is also being done by these volunteers to ensure social distancing at vaccination centers. So far, about 20 thousand people have been motivated and taken to the vaccination center, where their vaccination has taken place. Corona Volunteers has also distributed 5000 masks through public assistance. District Coordinator Burhanpur Mr. Deepak Jagtap informed that through training, volunteers are being trained and brought down into the battle of Corona with more strength. With the cooperation of all, they will surely defeat Corona and win.

Corona Warrior driver Mr. Akhilesh Malvi

Even during the second wave of the Corona epidemic, the Corona Warriors are offering their services with full dedication towards the prevention of the Corona epidemic. One of these Corona warriors is Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Malvi, the driver. Shri Malvi, a driver working in Health Department in Chhindwara district, has been playing the role of Corona Yoddha for the last one year in the prevention of Corona epidemic with the Sampling team in Covid Sampling work in urban and rural areas. Corona warrior Mr. Malvi is 61 years old, yet he continues to perform his work with full enthusiasm and responsibility. He is being appreciated everywhere for his dedication and service.

Similarly, in Bhind district, Mr. Ranveer Singh Kaurava is running a public awareness campaign in 7 villages as Corona Volunteer. He has so far done works such as free distribution of 200 masks, motivated to get more than 300 people vaccinated, vaccination by taking more than 20 people himself, and wall writing at more than 15 places.

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