Coal Ministry Receives Twenty Six Bids

New Delhi: The process of 4th Tranche of Auction of coal mines for sale of coal was launched by the Nominated Authority, Ministry of Coal on December 16, 2021. The last date of submission of Technical Bid was February 28, 2022. As part of the auction process, Technical Bids comprising of online and offline bid documents were opened here today (March 02, 2022) at  10:00 AM onwards  in the presence of the bidders.

The online bids were decrypted and opened electronically in the presence of the bidders. Subsequently, sealed envelopes containing offline bid documents were also opened in the presence of bidders. Entire process was displayed on the screen for the bidders. A total of 26 (Twenty-Six) bids have been received (both online and offline) against 11 (Eleven) coal mines. Two or more bids have been received for 5 (five) coal mines. Mine-wise list of bids received is appended below:

Sl No Name of Coal Mine No of Bids
1 Binja 1
2 Chinora 4
3 Gare Palma IV/6 8
4 Rabodih OCP 3
5-6 Utkal B1 & B2 6
7 Alaknanda 1
8 Datima 1
9 Dongeri Tal – II 1
10-11 Rampia & Dip Side of Rampia 1
  Total Bids 26

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