CM Naveen Patnaik Highlights Odisha’s Progress at ‘#RisingOdisha’ Event

Bhubaneswar: In a significant address at the ‘#RisingOdisha’ event organized by @News18Odia, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik underscored Odisha’s remarkable journey of progress and empowerment spanning the past two decades. Emphasizing the state’s exemplary performance in disaster management, women’s empowerment, and ensuring food security, the CM hailed Odisha as a beacon of development for the nation.

“The topic for deliberations here itself is an indicator that the Odisha story has attracted the attention of the entire country. Odisha is rising. And we are doing it without making much of a noise. Our action speaks for itself. In just two decades, Odisha is now a story of transformation and empowerment,” he remarks in his address.

Highlighting Odisha’s exceptional achievements in sports promotion and its successful hosting of international events, Chief Minister Patnaik positioned the state as a global leader in sports. Additionally, he commended the #BijuSwasthyaKalyanYojana for its substantial contributions to enhancing healthcare accessibility at the grassroots level.

Pointing out Odisha’s robust economic growth, the CM noted its status as the second top state in attracting investments, maintaining a consistent revenue surplus, and achieving impressive economic strides. Expressing unwavering confidence in Odisha’s future trajectory, he envisioned the state ranking among the top three states in the country in the coming years.

Attributing these remarkable accomplishments to the transformative governance model fueled by the #5T initiative, Chief Minister Patnaik emphasized the inclusive nature of Odisha’s development journey. He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to ensuring that every citizen, particularly the most vulnerable, feels an integral part of the state’s progress.

The Chief Minister’s address at the ‘#RisingOdisha’ event resonated as a testament to the state’s commitment to inclusive development and its aspiration to emerge as a frontrunner in various spheres on both national and international stages.

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