Chhattisgarh’s tourism department prepares concept plan of Rs 137.45 crore 9 sites to be developed in Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit

Chhattisgarh CM Baghel seeks approval for CG’s concept plan for development of Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit under Swadesh Darshan Scheme
Raipur: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel today wrote a letter to Union Minister of State for Tourism (Independent Charge) Prahlad Patel seeking sanction to Chhattisgarh’s concept proposal for development of ‘Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit’ in the state under the Ramayan Circuit of Swadesh Darshan Scheme.
In his letter the chief minister said that Chhattisgarh Tourism Department has selected nine sites and prepared a concept plan at a cost of Rs 137 crore 45 lakh for developing the same.
Under the Centre’s ‘Swadesh Darshan Scheme’ there is a provision to develop world-class infrastructure for the convenience of tourists in selected projects of tourism.
The Chief Minister further wrote that the history of Chhattisgarh is ancient as well as evident. Chhattisgarh in ancient times was known as ‘Dakshin Kosala’ and Dandakaranya. In Valmiki Ramayana, there is mention of Lord Ram’s journey during exile in Dandakaranya. According to information received from researchers, research articles and books, more than 10 years out of 14 years of his exile period of Lord Ram were spent in Chhattisgarh and the state’s folk songs also confirms the same.
Mr. Baghel wrote that Lord Ram entered Chhattisgarh from North India after spending ‘Chamasa’ at various places and entered South India. Hence, Chhattisgarh is also called ‘Dakshin Path’. Lord Ram entered Chhattisgarh from a place called ‘Sitamarhi Harchaika’ via the Gawai River in Koriya district in Chhattisgarh and entered South India from ‘Ramaram’ in Sukma district. During the entire route he visited in all 75 sites.
Out of the above mentioned places, 51 are places where Lord Ram stayed for some time during the tour, which is confirmed by various researchers in their articles. He said Chhattisgarh government is working on the development plans of ‘Ram Van Gaman Path’ from the point of view of tourism, with an aim to providing information to tourists, visitors as well as people of the country and the state about the Ram Van Gaman Marg and sites and also providing best facilities to the tourists during visit to these historical sites.
The Chief Minister wrote that for the purpose of developing ‘Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit’ in Chhattisgarh, nine sites have been selected in the first phase. These sites include Sitamarhi-Harchaika (Koriya), Ramgarh (Ambikapur), Shivrinarayan (Janjgir-Champa), Turturiya (Baloda bazar), Chandkhuri (Raipur), Rajim (Gariaband), Sihawa-Saptarishi Ashram (Dhamtari), Jagdalpur (Bastar) and Ramaram (Sukma).
A concept plan has been prepared by the Tourism Department taking the proposed nine destinations in the Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit, which costs Rs 137.45 crore. For the Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit, the state government has made a provision of Rs 5 crore last year (2019-20) and Rs 10 crore this year (2020-21) in the budget. In this way, the total amount of Rs 15 crore is approved by the state government.
The chief minister urged the Union minister to grant approval to the state’s concept plan to develop ‘Ram Van Gaman’ tourism circuit in Chhattisgarh under the ‘Swadesh Darshan Scheme’.