Chhattisgarh CM speaks to police personnel on duty day and night during lockdown, boosts their morale

Raipur: Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel today spoke to police personnel, who are discharging their duties day and night under the tough circumstances of lockdown, on telephone from his residence office. He took information about the challenges they are facing and the facilities that are being provided to them. Chief Minister told the police personnel that they have an important responsibility of defeating corona pandemic on their shoulders.
Mr. Baghel said to the police personnel that their works and responsibilities are extremely important. They have the responsibility of preventing corona virus from spreading. Their dedication towards fulfilling these responsibilities will result in defeat of corona pandemic. Mr. Baghel appreciated and acknowledged the contribution of police personnel standing in the front row to serve humanity under the tough circumstances. Chief Minister said that their contribution will always be remembered. He directed the police personnel to strictly practice social distancing and other preventive measures to save themselves from infection.
Chief Minister Mr. Baghel spoke to the Sub-Inspector Mr. Yudhisthir Dhruv on duty at Quarantine Center in Nimora near Raipur, Head Constable Mr. Arvind Singh in Bilaspur, Constable Mrs. Yasmin Khan on duty in Supela area of Durg, Sub-Inspector Mrs. Sunita Sahu in Dantewada and Sub-Inspector Mr. Pushraj Singh on duty in marginal area of Balrampur district. Mr. Baghel had an affectionate conversation with them and boosted their morale.
Chief Minister asked the police personnel about the places they have been deployed and their strategy to deal with people violating the norms of lockdown. Mr. Baghel especially enquired about the food arrangements made for police personnel. Mr. Baghel said that health and well-being of police personnel is extremely important for us, as they are standing in the front row in this fight against corona. Mr. Baghel told police personnel to be careful about their own safety and well-being as well. He advised them to shower as soon as they go home, before interacting with their families.
Chief Minister asked Constable Ms Yasmin Khan (on duty in Supela Bhilai) about the actions that are being taken against those violating lockdown. To which she answered that the people, who violate norms of lockdown, are told to stay at home and to come out only for urgent works. Mr, Pushpraj Singh, posted under Basantpur police station of Balrampur district who is on duty at Dhanbad border, told Chief Minister that three teams have been appointed on border, which includes one team of doctors, one team of revenue officials and one team of forest department officials. He told that the norms of lockdown are being complied with sincerely and they are discharging their duties in three shifts.
Head Constable Mr. Arvind Singh, deployed under Taarbahar of Bilaspur, told Chief Minister that the norms of lockdown are being followed properly there, and proper arrangements of tea-snacks and meals have also been made.
Sub-Inspector Mr. Yudhisthir Dhruv deployed at Quarantine Centre of Nimora told that proper compliance to the norms of lockdown are being ensured in the area, people found outside homes are made to understand why it is important for them to stay home. He told that proper arrangement of tea, snacks, food has been made for the police personnel. SI Mrs. Sunia Sahu, posted in Kotwali of Dantewada district, told Chief Minister that he is serving his duties in patrolling party, barricades have been installed in various places, people are being convinced to stay at home. He also expressed satisfaction with the food arrangements, along with water and glucose supply facility.

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