Central University of Odisha celebrates Visva Hindi Divas

The Central University of Odisha celebrated the Vishva Hindi Divas on 10 January 2023 at its campus Sunabeda. The keynote speaker of the programme was Professor Jung Bahadur Pandey, Visiting Professor of Hindi. Professor Himanshu Sekhar Mohapatra, Visiting Professor of English was the guest of honour. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of CUO, Professor Chakradhar Tripathi inaugurated and presided over the programme. He emphasised the importance of the Hindi language. He said, “Hindi is the language of one’s heart. It is the language that can connect and reach the masses”. To justify his point he referred to the popular Hindi songs that everyone is so fond of. Even he mentioned Hindi cinema which has a large audience not only in India but worldwide. Putting forward the all-inclusive nature of Hindi, he focused on the word ‘Vishva’ which means the world. He explained how Hindi as a language had successfully reached the global platform. He motivated the present audience to think about Hindi on global terms.
ProfessorJung BahadurPandey in his lecture, entitled “Vishvaka Toran-Dwaar Hai Hindi”, presented his scholastic views on how Hindi as a language has become a ‘Toran-Dwaar’, i.e. gateway to the world; how through Hindi people can meet the world. Referring to the various International Hindi Conferences (beginning with Nagpur, 1975) organized worldwide, he mentioned that along with the six Official Languages of the U.N (English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and French), Hindi will very soon be included as the seventh official language—which is a matter of pride for all of us. He also emphasised the variegated nature of Hindi as well as its inclusivity, and its potency of assimilating with other languages.
Honourable guest, Visiting Professor, Dr.Himanshu Sekhar Mohapatra said that Hindi is one of the official languages of the nine states of India. Further, Prof. Tripathi advocating Hindi said that Hindi is the jewel of Mother India, Hindi is the language of love and Unity. We are proud of Hindi.
On this auspicious occasion Mr. Sanjeet Kumar Dash’s That Chanakya Lives, an English translation of Dr. Ratnakar Chaini’s Athach Chanakya and Dr. Alok Baral’s Natya Jigyasawere were launched. The Hindi Department also launched its Wall Magazine.
Many other scholars also expressed their views in praise of Hindi, such as—Dr. Rani Singh, Dr. Soumya Ranjan Dash, Dr. Pradosh Kumar Rath, Dr. Alok Baral, Dr. Jayant Kumar Nayak, Dr. Minati Sahu, Dr.Rudrani Mohanty etc. The students of the University also participated with utmost enthusiasm.
The event was coordinated by Mr. Sanjeet Kumar Dash, and ended with a thank you note by Dr. Dulumani Talukdar, followed by the National Anthem. The event was a huge success.

Central University of Odisha