Central Electricity Authority launches the National Electricity Plan (NEP) for 2022-32

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has launched the National Electricity Plan (NEP) for 2022-32.

It encompasses a review of the past five years, a detailed plan for the upcoming five years, and a prospective plan for the subsequent five years.

The projected figures for India’s peak electricity demand and energy requirement are 277.2 GW and 1907.8 BU in 2026-27, and 366.4 GW and 2473.8 BU in 2031-32, according to the 20th Electric Power Survey (EPS) Demand projections.

To meet these demands, the NEP outlines an installed capacity of 609,591 MW by 2026-27, comprising 273,038 MW of conventional capacity (coal, gas, nuclear) and 336,553 MW of renewable-based capacity (hydro, solar, wind, biomass).

Looking ahead to 2031-32, the NEP projects an installed capacity of 900,422 MW, with 304,147 MW of conventional capacity and 596,275 MW of renewable-based capacity.

The goal is to achieve a non-fossil-based installed capacity of around 500 GW by 2029-30.

India’s National Electricity Plan charts a course towards sustainable and reliable energy for the nation.

By embracing renewable sources, enhancing energy storage, and reducing emissions, India is taking significant strides towards a greener and more resilient future!

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