CEAT Tyres roots for inclusion with its Diversity Internship, to help women and the specially abled get back to the workplace

Mumbai: CEAT Tyres, India’s leading tyre manufacturer, has launched a unique initiative to support the specially abled (PWD) and women who have been on a break from their careers. Called Inweave, this Diversity Internship initiative invites women and specially abled (PWD) candidates to a unique three-month internship program with the company.

The paid internship is aimed towards enriching CEAT Tyres’ talent pool by weaving together an often-overlooked group of women who have been on a career break, and specially abled candidates. It will serve as a platform for women to re-enter the corporate world after a sabbatical.


Milind Apte, SVP – Human Resources said, “I see CEAT as a melting pot of diverse experiences that provide rich learning experience, fostering innovation and growth. Inweave is a bold step in this direction, onboarding women aspiring to come back to work and specially abled candidates willing to push the envelope. I am super excited to be weaving diverse communities with this initiative.”


The internship will offer the interns a chance at a potential full-time role and enable them to work on live projects across different departments offering crucible learning. This initiative follows in the wake of many initiatives at CEAT to further ‘Diversity & Inclusion.’ Special recruitment drives to boost gender, background, and geographical diversity have been undertaken previously. CEAT Tyres has also introduced an LGBTQ+ partners’ benefits policy that extends all ‘spouse’ benefits to ‘partners’. This was followed with an infrastructure update at one of its plants that has allowed the company to hire people from the third gender.


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