Your cable operator may be fleecing you – here’s why

We have a dainty little coffee table in our living room that is our family’s chosen spot to gather around with snacks, beverages, lots of laughter and most often a movie or a favourite TV show. Coming from the time of Doordarshan, the newer cable connections at first really amazed me. There are just so many channels.  A variety of channels on entertainment, movies, TV soaps, music, kids, infotainment, etc.

This was all very fascinating in the beginning, but who would actually watch all the channels provided in the pack? We, for instance, had absolutely no interest in watching programs in languages that were alien to us, nor did we want the numerous radio channels, we had our phones for that.

So I did what every one of us does – called customer care and tried to talk to them about why I don’t need a long list of at least 40+ channels. The person on the other end talked about Gold, Platinum, Diamond and what other packs only he knows. This would also come with “added charges.” I was completely flabbergasted and on the verge of buying a pack he suggested, but decided to wait a while and scroll through other brochures, ask around.

That was when a blessing came from heaven (literally).  There was a heavy thunderstorm a couple of days later and our dish was damaged.  Why is that a blessing?  Well, after a week of no television, I came to my conclusion. I unsubscribed from the pack we were using, scanned the internet, read a few blogs with people’s unbiased opinions and talked to a couple of people until I found Zee.

Zee just started off with one channel on which we loved watching Antakshari every Sunday and now I was surprised to see the wide range of channels I could choose from their service provider. This was not the only best part. It was so economical.  The Zee Odia Family pack with 18 channels is available for just Rs. 39 – I just could not believe I had been shelling out so much money earlier. Why didn’t I come across this before?!   It is certainly a value for money kind of option.

This entire experience with cable operators somehow brought me to the right place. I can strongly suggest Zee Odia family pack to anyone looking for a change of operator or to someone needing a new cable connection because I have been using this for months now and I have no complaints.

There are no unwanted channels that we need to scan through.

We get what we pay for – a bouquet offering us 18 channels including our favourite Zee Sarthak. The beauty is, the choice is yours. And oh yes, all this at the price of an ice cream cone!

So go to your cable operator today and demand that you only pay for what you want.