Cabinet Secretary took a meeting with Chief Secretaries / DGPs of all States via Video Conferencing

New Delhi: Cabinet Secretary took a meeting today by video-conferencing with all the Chief Secretaries/DGPs of the States.

The States were sensitized about the intensive contact tracing of Tablighi Jamat participants as this has increased the risk of containment efforts of COVID-19. The States were asked to complete the contact tracing process on a war footing.
It has been found that foreigners who had participated in the Tablighi Jamat had violated visa conditions. The State were asked to initiate action for violation of visa condition against the foreigners and the organizers of the event.
The States were asked to implement the PM Garib Kalyan Yojana within the next week. This will involve large cash transfer to beneficiaries. It should be organized in a staggered manner to ensure social distance.
It was noted that lockdown is being implemented effectively all over the country. The States were asked to ensure that intra-state movement of goods is allowed without any hindrance while maintaining social distance.
The manufacturing of essential goods should be ensured. It should also be ensured that the supply chains of such goods are maintained.

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