Budding Brains Digitally Envision The Fishing Industry

Bhubaneswar: FishNChips is an interactive web/ mobile platform that allows AIS data to be visualized in an interactive manner with the help of ArcGIS that provides policy makers and researchers with insightful information to know month-wise fishing trends of vessels through positional clustering and incorporates trajectory mapping for vessels to study and map their movement.
India ranks third in fisheries production. Fisheries alone has employed 145 million people and contributed to 1.07% of the GDP. Also, small-scale fisheries meet a raging concern for poverty reduction and food security in developing countries. From the governance and organisational view point, the fisheries sector has a long way to go to unleash the potential of a blue economy.
In addition to that students have come up with a state of the art IoT enabled Black Box device that mitigates the inability to track small fishing boats. This pocket-sized device also aids the problem of inexistent at-ground reporting mechanisms with it’s easy button- click features.

Some of the many benefits of FishNChips include:
Trajectory mapping for vessels, to gauge information about where fishermen like to fish during what time of the year.
Detecting illegal crossing of EEZ and other red flags such as overfishing or fishing in Marine Protected Areas.
The IoT enabled black box acts as a substitute to the conventional AIS Systems used in bigger vessels. It can also act as a beacon in a situation of distress, hence ensuring security of smaller fishing boats.
Another important feature is the Fleet Managing App that can help owners of fisheries track individual vessels from their fleet.
It is an inexpensive platform.
The group of engineering students behind FishNChips, comprises 4 Indian students namely Tapaswin Padhy, Adwait Bhope, Anushka Jadhav, Kamal Nath V. and two Burmese students namely Aw Thura and Myat Noe Htet. The team was assisted by other students from a startup called AUUM in every step of this project like Android development, UI/UX Development etc.
They are dedicated towards digitalizing the fishing industry to a higher level than it already is. They aim to provide insightful information in the form of detailed reports to the government officials and at the same time, help the fishermen increase their efficiency with reduced efforts.
The team has gathered testimonials for their product from persons in the Fishing industry as well as from an Indian Navy official. Meanwhile they are working towards a more improved and finished version of the product.

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