Bringing Sustainable Growth and Better Life to All of the Highlands

With a deep respect for understanding the local culture and its valued traditions, LG in Vietnam partnered with Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Vietnam in 2020 to establish its ongoing Life’s Good: Hope Village project in the county and bring long-overdue positive change to its incredible Muong population.

Native to northern Vietnam, the Muong people are one of the country’s most disadvantaged ethnic minorities who live in seriously underdeveloped housing while being held back by poor infrastructure. So, by promoting economic development as well as equality in home ownership for Muong households, LG is taking what it deems the most effective approach to nurturing these people in desperate need while laying a sustainable foundation for future generations.

It all started in 2020 in the highlands of Quyet Thang – located in the Lac Son district of Hoa Binh province – and by the end of 2021, LG can confirm that more than 11,000 people residing here have received support in the form of housing upgrades, household appliance donations or training on the topics of gender equality and financial management.

Continuing in 2022, the project will focus on improving local facilities such as building new community toilets, repairing houses and donating books to the local library. Training sessions are also being organized to educate on natural disaster responses for nearly 16,500 residents. This project hopes to support the construction of new houses and toilets for more than 20 households living in extremely difficult circumstances.

At the project’s opening ceremony, LG announced the first round of donated household appliances including washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners worth a total of approximately USD 13,000. The representatives of local authorities, LG and HFH Vietnam in attendance also paid a visit to Muong houses to get a better idea of their living conditions and learn how the project would improve their daily lives.

“All thanks to LG and Habitat for Humanity, after all these years, my dream of living in a house I can feel safe in is finally coming true,” said Bui Thi Luc, a 57-year-old Muong resident whose home is being rebuilt through the Hope Village project.

For 26 years and counting, LG Vietnam has put great importance on social contribution activities that inspire sustainable growth in the region. And with its unwavering belief that everyone deserves to feel that ‘Life’s Good,’ LG will continue to support initiatives designed to improve not only the lives of Vietnamese people, but everyone around the world, from all walks of life.

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