Ayodhya Development Authority inks pact with AI firm to create Sustainability Index for holy city

The Ayodhya Development Authority has signed an MoU with Gurugram-based Arahas Technologies, a company specialising in AI and geospatial IT expertise, for a strategic collaboration that aims to leverage advanced technologies to create a comprehensive Sustainability Index for the Uttar Pradesh city.

“The project will call for an investment of around $1 miilion in the first phase which shall be covered by Arahas Technologies. First release of Vedic Sustainability City Index is scheduled in January 2024 with quarterly updates,” the technology company said on Friday.

“The Ayodhya Development Authority has selected Arahas Technologies to pioneer the transformation of Ayodhya into the world’s first Vedic Sustainable City. The partnership, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), marks a significant milestone in Ayodhya’s journey towards sustainable urban development,” Arahas Technology said.

Arahas Technologies said it will deploy its advanced AI algorithms and geospatial analytics to create the Vedic Sustainable City Index Platform.

This platform is poised to revolutionise decision-making for sustainable practices, providing real-time insights into Ayodhya’s environmental, societal, and economic dynamics.

Ayodhya, with its population of 24.70 lakh and a significant influx of tourists annually, faces challenges that necessitate a strategic and coordinated approach.

The Vedic Sustainable City Index will serve as a structured solution, offering a comprehensive framework to assess sustainability across various dimensions, including environmental, social, economic, and governance factors.

The Ayodhya Development Authority envisions the city’s development rooted in Vedic principles, blending tradition with modernity. The Vedic Sustainable City Index aims to preserve and revitalize the city’s cultural heritage, promote spiritual and holistic well-being, foster environmental stewardship, and drive economic prosperity through ethical practices.

Vishal Singh, Municipal Commissioner of Ayodhya and Vice Chairman of Ayodhya Development Authority said: “The Vedic Sustainable City Index unveils a visionary future for Ayodhya, presenting a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Ayodhya Development Authority envisions the development of the city rooted in Vedic principles, nurturing the well-being of its inhabitants, fostering environmental stewardship, and embodying UN Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This strategic partnership with Arahas Technologies marks a crucial step towards achieving our vision.

“Through the Vedic Sustainable City Index, Ayodhya aspires to become a first temple town which would proactively report its sustainability indices and server as a model to set the stage for a thriving and resilient urban future.”

Arahas Technologies CEO Saurabh Rai said: “By setting up the Vedic Sustainable City Index, Ayodhya is not only ready to compete with global cities but will lead the way for Indian Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). The integration of advanced AI algorithms and geospatial analytics in our platform ensures a nuanced understanding of Ayodhya’s dynamics, be it environmental, societal, or economic.”

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