Andhra Pradesh to provide a one time financial assistance of 2000 to over 6000 fishermen stuck in Gujarat

Bhubaneswar: Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a review meeting today (21/04/20) with top officials from all relevant departments to take stock of the state’s measures in the fight against Covid-19, assess the preparedness at large and to initiate improvisations as and when the situation demands.

Over 6,000 fisher men from AP are stuck in Gujarat due to the lockdown. On 21/04/20 , the CM called upon his Gujarat counterpart to ensure that all the necessary measures are taken at the earliest. As a step towards supporting the same cause, the Honorable CM has directed the authorities to ensure that a one time financial assistance of 2,000 rupees is given to each of the fishermen stuck in Gujarat. He futher went onto add that the state will support the Gujarat administration in every way possible pertaining to improving the facilities being provided to the fishermen.

Important takeaways 👇🏻

– AP continues to test on war footing. 5,757 test conducted in the last 24 hours.

– AP leads the way in terms of testing. Is ranked number 1 with respect to tests conducted per million in the country with the number standing at 830 at the moment.

– A total of 300 doctors and 280 assistants are working on the Telemedicine portal.

– 5983 issues people have registered, 3414 availed the tele-consultatation option, 2745 were given prescriptions and relevant medicine was delivered to 984 people until now.

The Honorable CM issued strict order to all relevant departments to ensure that by Saturday operations reach a level where medicines could be delivered to each person who reports a problem on the portal within 24 hours of it being reported.

– A total of 7,587 people have been accomodated at various quarantine centres across the country.

– A lot of medical colleges which have continued to exist for over a ,3-5 years are seen functioning without having necessary and basic equipment during these testing times. Taking the same into account the, the health department has been asked to look into the matter seriously and thereby write a letter to the MCI raising the issue to ensure that this doesn’t happen in the future by the Honorable CM.

– Over 750 MT of AQUA produce in being exported to various states across the country everyday. Authorities working endlessly to ensure that this goes up even further.

– 4.25 lakh MT of seeds and over 5 lakh MT of fertilizers for the Kharif season have been placed at different locations across the state.