Allianz International Holdings LTD enters Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Allianz International Holdings LTD, a multinational FMCG which manufactures personal care products, cosmetics and food items, has launched its products in Odisha Market today. However,Odisha is 2ndstate in the countryafter Hyderabad; where the FMCG brand has forayed into.Country Head Mr. Narender Shrivastava, Regional Head Mr. Nagarajan, Director Mr. R.B. Thakur, Mr. Bikram Keshari Sahoo, Mr. Rajeev Lochan Das made the people aware about the brand and products benefitsduring the launch. Actress Anu Choudhary has been announced as the Brand Ambassador for Odisha.

With rich history of 70 years, the company, which has its manufacturing facility in the Middle East, markets its products in 28 countries including India, has launched its flagship brands Celozia, Dr. Neem and Maaqui in Bhubaneswar will cater all Odisha Market through super stockiest Revatz Global Private Limited. The products will initially be made available in leading supermarkets, all retail outlets selling FMCG items, and all class of outlets will be also able to sell products..

Speaking on the future plans Mr Narender Shrivastavasaid, “India is a huge market and our next plan is to planned to launch our products in 10 states of India over the next three months .” “Depending upon the product category, attractiveness of the user group and captive group, we are targeting different socio-economic groups starting from Lower to Higher level income group for our different ranges of product” he added.

Allianz, which markets its products under various brand names including Celozia, Dr Neem, Mr. Darlie, Maaqui and Divine Care, brands are known for quality, paraben free and available in affordabilityprice range while ensuring availability of a wide variety of consumer products, and aim to fill the gap for this niche market within the region.

Detailing about the product Actress Anu Choudhary, Brand Ambassador Allianz Odisha said, “The best part of Allianz product is that they are Paraben free” “As the brand claims, the products are of great quality and are affordable as well.” She added.

On the healthy food segment, Maaqui specializes in providing the best quality dry fruits and dried fruits, healthy seeds, trail mixes, festive gift hampers, and much more. The products of Maaqui follow international quality standards and taste great. Maaqui is available at almost every leading modern retail and online marketplace. In addition to being high in nutrients, there are various other health benefits of dry fruits and nuts, such as healthy and glowing skin, improved digestive system, and so on. Maaqui assures that the wellness of these products reaches every customer without compromising on taste.

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