AIFF President proposes Inter-University Football League during Flagship Summit Digii 100

NEW DELHI,16th DECEMBER: The All India Football Federation President, Mr. Kalyan Chaubey, on Thursday, December 14, 2023, called for a pan-India inter-university football league for the development and spread of the beautiful game across the country.

Speaking during the Flagship Summit Digii100 at the Habitat Centre in the capital, Mr. Chaubey said, “An inter-university football league on a home-and-away basis would serve more than one purpose. Apart from spreading the game, it would help in the growth of infrastructure, students’ involvement and their growth in professional life.”

The AIFF President pointed out that in advanced sporting nations like the United States, prominent spokespersons, including multiple Olympic and World Championships medal winners, are basically products of University Sports.

“Majority of these athletes from whichever sporting discipline they are, hone their skills on the pitches of universities. For the opportunities they receive, they turn into world-class sporting personalities; all because of their regular exposure and exploits during their bright university days.”

Mr. Chaubey had a few suggestions to make on his proposed inter-university football league.

“I am aware that there is already an inter-university football championship in India. My suggestion would be that apart from the already established tournaments, there could be an all-India level inter-university league on a home-and-away basis. Initially, it may start with 12-16 teams. I am sure in no time the league will grow. It will help a university to develop its own brand of fans on its home turf without putting in too much effort. The only cost involved could be travelling for the away games.

“This system could have a few advantages,” Mr. Chaubey said. “There are several players in the country who often catch eyes at the junior level, but do not always get the opportunity to knock on the doors of universities. In this case, the universities can don the role of scouts and offer chances to the budding footballers. It’s a win-win situation for both; players enhance their educational qualifications, and universities build stronger sides.

“It is obvious that this equation will also allow these players to receive better opportunities when they enter professional life,” the AIFF President said. The Flagship Summit Digii100 was successfully organised to recognise and celebrate the Top 100 higher education institutions at the forefront of digital transformation. The summit also conceptualised to discuss, assess and inspire institutions to adopt the digital transformation framework.

The key theme for this year’s Digii100 was Unlocking Digital Dividend at Higher Education Institutions. The summit highlighted the comprehensive digital transformation framework and how it is being implemented to boost administration, learning and campus experience.

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