5 best ways to make your bed like luxurious hotel bedroom

The 5-star hotels are designed so wonderfully that a person can avail all types of comfort. They can enjoy a luxurious stay in a hotel. People generally go to luxury hotels to relax and enjoy the utmost comfort. Getting a comfortable sleep is the priority and that priority is taken care by the most comfortable mattresses that are out there in the luxury hotels. The hotel mattresses are so comfortable that you’re left thinking why can’t my bed mattress be like this. Not to worry, you can enjoy the same comfort as the hotel in your own bedroom. The primary thing that needs to be considered is the mattress.

  1. Featherbed Topper

The top layer of the bed should look beautiful. Many people first notice the upper layer of the bed. The topping should be made from luxurious material such as satin, pure cotton etc. It should be placed with cushions for support. A person can sleep in a relaxed position. The featherbed topping are the pieces laid on top of the bed to make the texture smoother. The texture becomes so smooth, that the person can sleep comfortably on the mattresses. It is added for extra cushioning and coziness. A person should preferably buy high-grade king-sized Pocket spring mattress and cover it with feather bed topper.

  1. Ideally invest in spring mattresses

A person should preferably buy spring mattresses.  A spring mattress that is around 10 inches thick will provide a luxury comfort as within that thickness a lot of comfort layers can be accommodated. When your body rests on such a mattress, it will gradually press each layer ensuring that your body’s pressure points get relief and you end up sleeping soundly. The experience of these mattresses is enriching. One should not compromise on the quality of the mattress and buy mattress online from luxurious brands such as Fresh Up Mattresses. Some of the quality materials used for mattresses are High Resilience foam (also called HR Foam) and memory foam. On the side of the bed mattress, a lamp having dim lights should be laid. If you’re a night reader a small book light should be kept so that the room stays dim and at the same time you enjoy your book without affecting your eyes.

  1. Bringing home a thread counter bed sheet

To lie on the bed, a person should get soft comfortable bed cover. These bed sheets should be made from quality threads. It should comprise of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of the bed sheet. A good bed sheet should comprise ideally of 300 to 400 threads; the type of bed sheet that is brought for the mattresses depends upon the type of bed and bedroom type. The bed sheet should suit the architectural pattern of the bedroom. The bed sheet may be plain or colored, a light coloured bed sheet gives a more soothing feel in summers. But, it should suit the architectural pattern of the house. But, it should preferably be light-colored.

  1. Plush down comforter

A plush down comforter is required for comfortable sleep in the bedroom. Even if the room is slightly cold, a person can still sleep comfortably. A person hence should invest ideally on the plush down comforter. It should be fluffy made from fine threads making a person feel as if he or she is sleeping on the clouds.

  1. Ambience

The ambience of the room should be ideal. The bed that is brought should suit the architectural pattern of the home. Some equipment such as table, air conditioner, cushioned chair etc should be placed at ideal places. It should provide a good ambience to the room. Usually, the hotel rooms have lamps so that a person can sleep comfortably during the nighttime. These lamps with sober light or dim light provide visual space to the room. Hence, they create coziness and comfortable atmosphere in the room. If lamps are already placed in the room, then a person should place low-watt or soft color lights that look like a hotel room. A bed runner on the sides and a few cushions on the bed can be added to enhance its beauty.