20 Researchers from KIIT Featured in Stanford University’s List of World’s 2% Top Scientists

Bhubaneswar : KIIT-DU once again proved that it is home to some of the best minds in the field of science and technology. Standford University’s latest published database about the ‘World’s Top 2% Scientist’ features 20 names from KIIT and its constituent units.


The list represents the top two percent of the most-cited scientists in various disciplines and highlights their achievements. The ten names from KIIT include Padma Awardee Dr. Subrat Kumar Acharya; Dr. Yogesh Chawla and Eminent Gastroenterologist Dr. Anil C Anand from the School of Medicine also features in the list that was updated recently.


The other names in the famed list include Suresh Chandra Satapathy, Siddharth Swarup Rautaray, Sushruta Mishra, Tarasankar Pal, Swarup Kumar Nayak, Purna Chandra Mishra, Vikas Hassija, Kshirod K Jena, Hrudaya Kumar Tripathy, Ashok Kumar Sahoo, Dindyal Mandal, Trupti Mayee Behera, Bhargav Appasani, Rabindra K Barik, Mona Pathak, Ashish Singh and Chandan Mohanty.


“I am happy to learn that 20 members from the KIIT family have been featured among the World’s Top 2 Percent Scientists List curated by Stanford University. The faculty members are from various scientific fields and we are proud of their achievements. My heartiest congratulations to them all” said the Founder of KIIT & KISS Dr. Achyuta Samanta.


The list is considered the most prestigious worldwide, comprising more than 1.85 lakh researchers from more than 8 million scientists covering 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields.


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