“16 year old Odiya girl Sonal Mahapatra gets invited to speak in TEDx event in the US”

Bhubaneswar:  An Amazon Best Selling Author Sonal Mahapatra is a high school junior at America’s #1 High School – NCSSM. Her novel, “Aventurine: A Story of a Girl and a Crystal”. has been highly appreciated in the reader’s community. A presidential gold award winner, Sonal believes in giving back to society in various ways while striving for excellence. She has also been invited to Harvard University to participate in the HSRC- a platform for exceptional high school students across the world. As a varsity golfer, and swimmer, an avid vlogger, and a board member of various clubs, Sonal gets appreciated in her peer group as a very committed individual and her vlogs have been liked by thousands of people. Recently Sonal got invited and delivered an engaging talk at a TEDx event on how fascinating failure can be and how one should embrace failures and learn from them. When majority of the GenZs of the world today have a heightened aversion to negative events, including failure, Sonal’s talk sounds so enlightening. You can see her inspirational and encouraging talk here (official TEDx video link) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDyRp_V2Tok

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