World Odisha society Hosts International Webinar on Stress Management

New Delhi: Human Race has to remain healthy and happy by adopting healing process, in order to defeat the deadly corona virus, observes renowned motivational preacher Manoj Joshi and Comedy King Kuna Tripathy. Speaking during an International Webinar on the topic of “Search for Solace”, Both the distinguished speakers advocated in favour of infusing positivity in human mind digressing from the negative elements. Hosted by World Odisha Society in association with Odia Samaj, Australia (ORIOZ) and Indian Lever Patients Foundation (ILPF), the unique session was designed to eliminate Pandemic related stress and doubts from public mind.

Positivity amidst Adversity is the pathway to perpetual pleasure, declared Manoj Joshi. Through Self realisation, if the human being can turn physical consciousness into spiritual wisdom then the virus can become auspicious, Shri Joshi argued. Delivering his speech through video conferencing, Cine Star Kuna Tripathy appealed viewers to inculcate positive vibes in their minds discarding all types of negative thinkings like fear and afraid. Shri Tripathy advised the Odia Diaspora across the Globe to develop the attitude of sharing and caring among the fraternity and spread the messages of love to get rid of the overcasting of negativism due to Corona catastrophe.

Delivering the welcome address, Chairman of World Odisha Society Kishore Dwibedi described that the Virus has changed the definition of the origin, meaning and destiny of human life.

Presenting his expert views, the President of ORIOZ and world Famous Physician Dr. Nalini Pati wanted the mankind to develop the mindset to live differently for next couple of years in the midst of virus. Dr. Pati emphasized on putting highest priorities on prevention and precautionary measures while dealing with covid. Participating in the Digital Deliberations, The Founder of ILPF Dr. Ashok Choudhury, disapproved the existence of any threat due to the spreading of fungus as an offshoot of Pandemic. Admitting that the surfacing of third wave is an imminent indispensability, Dr. Chowdhury prescribed for both medical as well as social vaccinations by observing covid protocols.

Ms. Swati Dash from Brisbane ably co-ordinated and presented the entire live streaming programme. Silence was observed at the outset of the virtual meeting in the memory of covid victims. Dr. Chinmayee Mishra from New Delhi branch of ILPF proposed vote of thanks. Prominent personalities present include Amit Mishra, Kasturika Patnaik, Shekhar Mahapatra, Satya Dash, Pushpanjali Barik, Reeta Patra, Gobinda Chandra Behera, Ramprasad Mohanty, Umakant Pani, Barada Das, Krupanidhi Biswal, Vinayak Das, Amiya Mishra, Adrish Brahmadatt, Dinesh Mohanty, Siba Ranjan Biswal, Pritish Dash, Dinabandhu Sahu, Jagabandhu Muduli, Dr. Sarojini Pani, Rudra Acharya, Srimant Biswal, Akshaya Mohanty, Hiranya Mohanty, Gopabandhu Patnaik, Anita Patnaik, Dr. Rabi Narayan Behera, Krushna Nayak, Hrushikesh Patra and Sarita Mohapatra.

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