Two more Corona Virus suspects reported in Himachal :CM Jai ram Thakur

Dharamshala: The number of suspects of Coronavirus has started increasing in Himachal Pradesh. After Shimla, two patients have been admitted to Tanda Medical College, Kangra. CM Jai ram Thakur answered the quarry of opposition regarding the preparation of the corona virusby the state government .CM said , “ three suspects have come up in the state so far. One suspect has been recruited in IGMC in Shimla district and two in Kangra district. The youth admitted in Shimla returned from North Korea, while two suspects admitted in Tanda in Kangra have returned from Italy.” He said that both the suspected mother and daughter are residents of Palampur area. Both went to Europe on 10 February and returned to Delhi on 22 February.CM Jairam Thakur said that they have been kept in isolation ward, in Tanda Medical college hospital.

CM Jairam Thakur also informed that an email was received from the Centre in January about the Corona virus. After that the government has taken all precautionary measures at the district level. Health advisory has been issued and information has also been given on helpline 104 and CM helpline number 1100. N-95 masks have been made available in all hospitals.

According to the government during the past few days, 30 foreigners, including 24 from China and 6 from Thailand came to Himachal, but this virus has not been confirmed in anyone. At the same time, 218 Himachal residents who returned from China were also kept under surveillance for 28 days.

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